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Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Azerion

Flipman is an online arcade HTML5 Pac-Man game inspired by the all-time classic Pac-Man.


  • WASD/arrow keys to move around

Game Description

Flipman is an online arcade HTML5 Pac-Man game inspired by the all-time classic Pac-Man. However, instead of a Pac-Man this time, you will be playing with a Flipman, which is the official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.

Sounds interesting, right? With this new Samsung flip smartphone, your goal is the same as in the original Pac-Man game: eat all the food dots while keeping yourself safe from the ghost gang that is after you throughout the maze.

There will be several levels to enjoy in this web browser arcade survival game, with a novel approach of having a famous smartphone character as Pac-Man. So, let us get ready for a modern Pac-Man experience with Flipman on your mobile and desktop browsers right away!


How to Play Flipman


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, players need to eat all the dots and proceed to the next round to gain points and level up. Your score depends on how fast you finish the dots and save yourself from the onslaught of the ghost gang.

At the end of each round, your score will be determined based on how well you have played (e. g. lives left). As you progress to new rounds, your gameplay levels will also increase with it.


Playing Environment

This online io arcade Pac-Man game offers simple gameplay dynamics. On the main screen, players will have options such as a music/sound on-off option; a play button, a leaderboard, and a full-screen enabling option as well.

Other than that, the game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, the game has a landscape screen orientation as well and is also supported to play on mobile devices with a full-screen enabling option.



This web browser HTML5 arcade game offers a 2D graphical interface that is quite similar to the original Pac-Man game, albeit with some modern special effects touches. The dots, the ghost gang, and the maze have almost identical color patterns and structures as was in the original game from 1980.



There are no customizations available in Flipman.


Weapons & Health

There are now weapons available in this game, however, there are power-ups for Flipman which will temporarily make the ghost gang powerless, and your character can eat them to gain bonus points. This is another aspect of this game that is identical to the original one.

As for health, there are three lives available by default for the character. There is, however, no health bar present.



This web browser Pac-Man arcade game is a single-player io title. There is no multiplayer mode available offline or online. The players will be playing solo in all the levels of the game. So, get the excitement going, and for those of you who have played the original Pac-Man, this online arcade io game is a must-try!