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Flick Soldier 3D

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: YAD.Com

Flick Soldier 3D is an action arcade game where you will be led in a battle by your king, and you must kick enemy king/soldiers over the platform.


  • Press & hold left-click to shoot enemy soldiers

Game Description

Flick Soldier 3D is an action arcade game where you will be led in a battle by your king, and you must kick enemy king/soldiers over the platform. This is a fun and exciting battle game where you can upgrade your soldiers to protect your king and lead a forceful attack on the enemy king’s team.

So, the goal is to simply throw all the enemy soldiers and their king off the battle platform. You need to wisely time and aim your kicks to achieve the correct result, and that is where all the fun lies. Also, players can upgrade their soldiers and ranks, and recruit more into the team as they continue to win.

Let us then start playing Flick Soldiers 3D and learn how we can win and ace this exciting online io action game.


How to Play Flick Soldier 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in the form of gold coins in this HTML5 arcade battle game. To earn the in-game cash, you need to successfully eliminate the enemy team by throwing them off the platform down to their deaths below.

Apart from earning gold coins and increasing XP points, players can upgrade their soldiers right on the battlefield without spending any gold coins. How? You simply need to kick off a higher-level soldier with a less-level soldier of yours, and he will be upgraded instantly.


Playing Environment

This game offers options right on the main screen. There are two upgrade options and one ad-sponsored option to get free 200 gold coins. There is also a sound mute option and a start button to get right into the action.

This web browser 3D action arcade game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 750×1334. The game also has a portrait screen orientation and is supported on mobile browsers as well.



Flick Soldier 3D offers sharp and crisp 3D graphics with bright colors. The game also offers some special effects such as exploding and slow-motion action kicks.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in Flick Soldier 3D that can be collected. However, each soldier carries a weapon of their own. Depending on the level of the soldier, the weapons they carry also differ in power.

As for health, like the terminology in the actual chess game, your king is the pen-ultimate power of your team. So, as long as your king is standing on the platform, you will have a winning chance. There is no health bar present in the game so there is no fear of taking hits.



This web browser action battle chess game does not offer a multiplayer gaming mode. This is a solo one-player game in which the players will play singly, in all the levels. There is no need to worry about any competition of any kind, except with that of the AI-controlled in-game enemies.

So, play Flick Soldier 3D freely and try out all sorts of attacks and moves without any fear of the leaderboard.