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First Colony

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: PandaPashaGames

First Colony is an online strategy game where you will take humans with you to plant the first human colony on Mars.


  • Left-click to build and use resources

Game Description

First Colony is an online strategy game where you will take humans with you to plant the first human colony on Mars. The game is an exciting one and you will have to use precise and wise decisions to sustain your colony on the red planet. Your colony’s survival depends on how best you use your resources in the alien world.

So, the goal of this web browser strategy game is to build and sustain the limited number of humans on Mars. To achieve this goal, you will also have a limited number of resources with you, which you also need to grow and build over time by wisely multiplying them using natural energy and resources that you can generate on the red planet. Sounds exciting, right?

Therefore, do you have what it takes to beat Elon Musk and become the first space human colonizing team? Let us find out by playing First Colony on your web browser!


How to Play First Colony


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Like the mission itself, earning XPs is also a bit puzzling process in this io strategy game. The points are offered based on a year-long sustenance period on Mars, which is scientifically 687 days. However, the process of a passing year is much faster in the game than in reality (who will sit onto play 687 days?)

So, if you have successfully utilized your resources and added additional growth one-mars-year, you will gain XP points based on your successful maintenance at the end. And there is a helpful option as well: you can send your rocket back to Earth for crucial supplies in case of not enough resources on Mars. To do that, you must be able to watch a sponsored video first.

Your in-game level will also increase as you continue to spend year after year on Mars, building and sustaining your colony in the unwelcoming climate of the red planet.


Playing Environment

This web browser strategy survival game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1920×1080. This wide-screen resolution becomes imminent when coupled with this game’s landscape screen orientation, an ideal view for a full-screen gameplay experience.

There are a few hurdles in the game’s main menu as well. The player can simply change the in-game language, turn the sound on/off, and go straight to the “new game” option to start the game.

But there is one additional option here which is a great addition – game autosave. This feature becomes available when the player successfully spends at least a full year on Mars. Afterward, if the game is exited or disrupted by any means, the player can continue again from the same session on the same browser.



The game offers a smooth 2D graphical interface with beautiful PNG-style in-game colors and elements. This kind of novelty in graphics in the io gaming genre is what gives these tiny web browser games their unique appeal.

Plus, the colors and the overall graphics are highly retina-friendly and puts no strain on the player’s eyes. The varied color schemes used in this game, and pretty relevant ones, will definitely make you fall in love with the graphical interface.



Customizations are not available in this io strategy survival game.


Weapons & Health

Weapons are also unavailable since there is no fear of Martians confronting you on the red planet: the game is not fighting or a battle io title. First Colony also does not restrict you with a health-bar restriction.

However, when you try to build the colony on Mars, you must be readily aware of your resources, especially the lack of food, oxygen, and building blocks because if any among them gets too low, your colony may need additional supplies from Earth or even may not survive another year on Mars.



The multiplayer feature is not available in the First Colony, so the player will be playing a solo online space survival game. The player will be commanding a team of astronauts, generating, and multiplying resources, as well as managing the entire base operations.

And that is how you will become the first human to colonize Mars before anyone can do – solely and single-handedly! Are you up for this challenging task? Let us find out by playing the First Colony!