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Fat Race 3D

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: YAD.Com

Fat Race 3D is a fun online hyper casual arcade game where the players will eat food to become fatty and eliminate fat enemies on the run.


  • Press left-click to run and move around

Game Description

Fat Race 3D is a fun online hyper casual arcade game where the players will eat food to become fatty and eliminate fat enemies on the run. The game has quite simple gameplay dynamics and is a highly recommended game for casual gamers who like to kill time and enjoy.

The goal is simply to eliminate obstacles and enemies on the way by eating lots of food and gaining huge weight. This weight will be your ultimate weapon as the more you are full, the more powerful bumps you will throw at obstacles and AI-controlled enemies.

There are many levels where you can try the power of your weight easily in this exciting web browser casual arcade game. Therefore, let us directly get to know about the basics of Fat Race 3D and how to play this amazing online 3D game.


How to Play Fat Race 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There is no issue of XPs or points in this game. The only thing players need to do is simply eliminate obstacles and enemies to win in this casual game.

So, you keep running towards the end boss, eating food, gaining weight, and eliminating all the things in your way to finally kill the boss in the end. That is the sole aim players will have in this game.

However, apart from getting fat by eating foods on the run, players can also get instant health right at the onset by watching a sponsored ad.


Playing Environment

This online HTML5 hyper casual arcade game offers a simple gameplay interface with not too many distracting options. Right on the game’s main page, the players can see the “start” and sound on/off options, simply. Click on the start option and you will be underway into the gameplay at once.

As for the technical details of the game, it features a side-scrolling second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 750×1334. The game has a portrait screen orientation and is also supported to play on mobile phones, making this the ideal resolution for mobile gamers.



Fat Race 3D offers a sharp and crisp 3D graphical interface with an edgy elemental design. The color patterns are also varied and portray bright effects. Additionally, the graphics of this game are also visual-friendly and adaptive to both types of displays easily.



There are no customizations available in this web browser arcade running game.


Weapons & Health

Equally, no weapons are involved in this game. As for the health restrictions, none are placed as well. The only thing the players must keep in mind is to keep eating food to gain considerable weight.

This weight serves as the actual power and weapon of your character in-game because it helps demolish obstacles and other enemies on the way.



There is no multiplayer mode available in Fat Race 3D. This is a single-player game where the players will play all the levels solely by themselves, without putting any thought into having competition with other players online.