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Extreme Runaway Racing

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: Xenolia Studio

Extreme Runaway Racing, as the name says, is an extremely intense web browser 3D racing game where you can race solo and in multiplayer mode.


Player 1:
  • Move = Arrow keys
  • Respawn = H
Player 2:
  • Move = WASD
  • Respawn = C

Game Description

Extreme Runaway Racing, as the name says, is an extremely intense web browser 3D racing game where you can race solo and in multiplayer mode. There are several circuits, with three difficulties, as well as countless cars to race within this io racing game.

The game is quite feature-some as you can select the type of race, circuit, and whether to play in the arcade or timed modes, respectively. Plus, there is a simple in-game setting where you can switch off/on the sound as well.

So, there are three laps on each circuit, and you need to beat all other racers to finish in the top 3. This is the dynamics of the arcade car racing battle round. As for the timed one, you need to again finish three laps within a certain time to win the stage.

So, let us get inside the car and do some dirty racing in Extreme Runaway Racing!


How to Play Extreme Runaway Racing


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There are two game modes available in this web browser car racing game. One is solo and the other is the multiplayer mode. In both modes, the player has the option to either race in time-restricted or arcade racing.

To score XP points, you need to win in both. For example, if you play arcade mode solo or multiplayer, you will be racing along with a dozen of other racers. You need to successfully race three laps on the circuit and must end in the top 3.

There are tons of racing circuits, free cars, and gameplay modes to explore in the action-filled online racing game.


Playing Environment

The game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game also has landscape orientation which provides more width to the in-game screen.

Extreme Runaway Racing’s main page has all the menu options visible right on the front. From there, you can easily choose the gameplay type, solo or two-player mode, and the in-game settings as well.



This web browser arcade racing game offers a 3D graphical interface with great use of color patterns, applying beautifully to different vehicles, circuits, and other in-game elements.

Therefore, we must tell the potential gamers of this game that it will use some of your system resources to run without any lagging. But once it does, you will enjoy the graphical quality of this extreme and intense racing game.



Despite being such a feature-some 3D car racing game, Extreme Runaway Racing does not have any customizations at all. It is one thing that is seriously a laid-down fact about this amazing car racing game.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are available in this game and there are no fighting conflicts involved as well. Also, no health restrictions are present here either.



There is a multiplayer mode available in this online arcade car racing game; however, it is a multiplayer mode that consists of only two-player gameplay. In this two-player gameplay, you can race with a friend on the same browser and device with two game controllers.