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Release date: Mar, 2018 Publisher: Night Steed Games is a multiplayer arena-style io game set in an epic fantasy medieval world. Control your warrior and fight to the death against other warriors whose only objective is to kill you. As you kill enemy players your warrior's weapon will grow larger and stronger, giving you further range and more damage. Continue to slaughter your foe's as you snowball your way to destruction.


  • Move your mouse to control the character’s movement
  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to sprint (consumes XP)

How To Play

Leveling Up

Level up your warrior by collecting orbs and killing other players. The higher level you become, the slower your warrior will move. When you are low level, leverage your speed to collect orbs early game to bank an ample amount of Sprint. Your Sprint will become invaluable to sneak up and outplay your enemies, even if they are higher level. No matter what level you become, a single swing for any level will instantly kill you.

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Tips, Tricks & Strategies

The objective of is to become the largest warrior and kill all of your opponents.

  1. Early game, focus on collecting orbs to gain a couple of levels.
  2. Conserve your sprint to survive and stay away from larger enemies early on.
  3. Once you have a few levels, don’t be afraid to use your Sprint to chase down your opponents.
  4. You can kill many higher-level enemies if you have a faster reaction time. Try surprising them with a Sprint!
  5. As your warrior’s weapon grows larger, your range will be much greater even though you will move slower.
  6. Be wary while moving in the south (down) direction. The experience bar (sword) is a large part of the UI and can disguise enemies behind it.


Video Walkthrough: