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Duel of Builders

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: hexapp

Duel of Builders is an online action fighting game where you will battle and eliminate the other builder on the scene.


  • WAD/arrow keys to move
  • Press “Spacebar” to attack

Game Description

Duel of Builders is an online action fighting game where you will battle and eliminate the other builder on the scene. The game has a retro-style graphical interface with dynamic gameplay which the player will find highly irresistible.

So, the goal is to fight the other builder on the same building and eliminate them in a timed battle scenario. The more times you eliminate them the higher your chances of winning the stage. You will have a different array of building tools with which you can easily eliminate the other builder.

Therefore, let us not waste time in the introduction, and let us get directly into the details of Duel of Builders and how to play the game.


How to Play Duel of Builders


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There is actually no requirement to earn in-game cash or XPs in this web browser arcade fighting game. The only goal is to win the battle by eliminating the other builder in a timed fight of 3 minutes.

The winner will be the one who makes the most kills in this timely battle. There are also two game modes in this online io action game: Battle and Mayhem. In the “Battle” mode, the players can choose to play a single-player game with the in-game AI enemy or a two-player mode game with another player on the same device.

The “Battle” mode is also a timed battle mode where you will play for 3 minutes against the enemy. The second game mode is “Mayhem,” where all hell will break lose without a time battle. You will have to come up on the top against your enemy who will be psychotically throwing everything he has at you constantly.


Playing Environment

The game follows a minimalistic approach when it comes to in-game options, and the gameplay as well. The game’s main page offers only three options – battle, mayhem, controls, and a sound on/off option.

Out of all these options, the “Mayhem” must be unlocked by watching a sponsored ad while others can be accessed without any issues. The technical details are that this game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720.

Additionally, the game has a landscape screen orientation, but the down factor is that the game is not supported on mobile devices as of now. So, you can only play Duel of Builders on a desktop system for now.



The graphics of this game follow a retro-style pixelated 2D interface which quite resembles the classic graphical interfaces that used to be the norm of the games in the 90s. Additionally, the game also has vibrant colors that are both visual-friendly and adaptive to all types of desktop displays.



There are no customizations available in this web browser action arcade game.


Weapons & Health

There are three types of weapons available for the players to use in this exciting hand-to-hand combat game: a screwdriver, a plug driver, and a hammer. Players will have a limited number of weapons they can use to beat the other builder. But even if the bucket of a specific weapon goes empty, there are always tool power-ups climbing down from the sky to collect.

There is also a health bar present for each player in the game. Keep an eye on that as you continue to battle the enemy.



This online HTML5 action arcade game offers only a two-player offline-multiplayer mode. Other than that, there is only a single-player mode and no online multiplayer mode. Therefore, the players can play freely without worrying about any online competition.