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Drive Dead 3D

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: Hihoy

Dead Drive 3D is a web browser car racing game with an exciting approach to the racing genre: the players will be driving into each other to crash the other driver.


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  • 1-Player:
  • 2 PLAYERS:
  • 2. Player: A-D KEYS

Game Description

Dead Drive 3D is a web browser car racing game with an exciting approach to the racing genre: the players will be driving into each other to crash the other driver. Sounds exciting, right?

Sit inside your kart and smash the oncoming vehicle so that it will blow into bits, and you will win the round. There are 5 rounds in each stage and the racing is set in a concert-style tournament where every round has a different challenging course under the stage lights.

This is one hell of a car-crashing and vehicle-smashing online game that will possibly make you addicted to it. So, let us dive into Drive Dead 3D’s features and learn how you can play this fun car racing web game.


How to Play Drive Dead 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player needs to crash the other player’s car while avoiding getting crashed him/herself. Each time the player crashes another driver’s kart, he/she will get an XP point.

At the end of the fifth match on the stage, the one who has the highest wins (stars) then the other will win the stage. That is when the player’s level will also increase.

There are two teams in the game – red and blue. The 1P is the red rider and 2P is the blue rider. The player can play in any one they like.


Playing Environment

This web browser car smashing game offers a third-person view perspective, which is exactly like you are viewing the game on a TV screen. The in-game screen dimensions are 800×450, which is an ideal landscape resolution for viewing.

Additionally, there are no distractions in the game whatsoever: simply click 1P or 2P and head straight into the race. However, before playing, the player can turn off/on the sound and click on the “How to play” option to see the controlling keys.



This online car race web browser game has 3D graphics that are of superior quality. Additionally, high-quality color patterns and lighting effects in-game make the whole gameplay experience a bit surreal.

The player will enjoy the overall graphical interface in Drive Dead 3D because of its high precision and lighting effects.



As of now, there are no customizations present in this online car-crashing game. Maybe the developers will bring in customizations in the future as the game gets traction since it is a novel release.


Weapons & Health

There are no such weapons available for the player’s usage. However, there are in-game weapons, such as mine bombs, that are placed in different stages which the players can use to their advantage in their pursuit to destroy enemy cars.

As for health, the only thing the player should avoid is getting toppled by the enemy vehicle or else the player’s car will destroy in a moment. There is no health bar present in the game.



Drive Dead 3D is a two-player game, which is in a sense multiplayer, but the real player can only choose one side and the computer will control the other. Therefore, it is more of a two-player multiplayer-only game.