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Drift F1

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: Greenlight

Drift F1 is a web browser drift racing game that offers simple gameplay, yet exciting and puzzling tracks to steer through.



  • Press or release the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right



  • Touch or release the screen to turn left or right.

Game Description

Drift F1 is a web browser drift racing game that offers simple gameplay, yet exciting and puzzling tracks to steer through. This is one of those simple online car racing games which you can start right away without having to worry about any prerequisites or extras.

So, there are in total 35 different tracks available in Drift F1 which the player needs to conquer. But do not get fooled by the simplicity of this racing game; all those tracks are very tricky, puzzling, and quite dangerous. A slight mistake in drifting your vehicle and you will go down below to the unmeasured depths below.

If you have what it takes to be a great drifter, try out Drift F1 and see how far you can go!


How to Play Drift F1


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you must collect the gold coins scattered on the drifting circuits as well as win the race, too. With the coins you collect, you will be able to buy new skins for your vehicle.

And as you win races, your gameplay level will also increase as well as the difficulty of the drifting tracks. There are a total of 35 levels in Drift F1 which the player will be racing upon.


Playing Environment

This web browser drift racing game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game also has a portrait screen orientation and is a mobile-ready io web browser title.

The game’s main menu offers a setting option, a skin shop, and a race button to start the drift racing. From the “Settings” menu, the player can turn off/on the in-game sound and music as well as reset the game to begin anew.

From the “Skin” menu, the player can buy several different skins for their vehicle in the game.



This io drifts racing web game offers 3D graphics with high-quality color combinations to complement the overall graphical architecture of Drift F1. Although, the game does not have too many features or options; nevertheless, the 3D interface will require some system resources for a smooth gameplay experience.



There are several skins available in this car racing game for the player’s vehicle. Some of them can be purchased instantly by spending the in-game gold coins or by watching the sponsored videos to get them for free.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are involved in Drift F1 since this game belongs to the racing genre and does not involve any conflict. Health is also not a restriction here, but the player must be careful to not fall over the track down to their death.



This web browser io racing game does not offer a multiplayer feature. The player will be playing solo in all 35 in-game levels. However, be it a simple game, Drift F1 has enough topsy-turvy tracks that will keep you seriously engaged as a solo player that you will not need any other competitor.