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Dots and Boxes

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: CoolMath Games

Dots and Boxes is an exciting web browser logic board game that has a novel approach to playing strategy logic games.


  • Left-click to bind and select

Game Description

Dots and Boxes is an exciting web browser logic board game that has a novel approach to playing strategy logic games. This online io strategy board game has a great graphical interface as well as some good gameplay options for the players.

So, the aim of this game is a challenging strategy: Connect dots in a way that helps you make a box out of it. Players will be up against computer-controlled players, or they can choose to also play a two-player PVP game. The game’s board also resembles somewhat of an Othello-type of style and gameplay, just with a new board game strategy.

Therefore, we can assure the players that Dots and Boxes is one hell of a novel web browser board game that the fans of logic and strategy will love at all costs. Let us sit down to learn about this exciting strategy logic board game and how to win in it.


How to Play Dots and Boxes


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There is no XP, no scoring, or any collection of diamonds/gems in this game. The only aim and way to win this game is to simply bind your dots in a wise and strategic method. The end goal is to make as many boxes as possible by binding the dots methodically.

When binding the dots together, players must keep in mind that the binds they made will eventually lead them to create boxes. The winner will be the one to make the most boxes, so you must also keep an eye on the bindings the computer is making on the board.


Playing Environment

Dots and Boxes offer some gleeful options on the game’s main page. There are single-player and two-player gameplay options, difficulty selection, board sizing option, and a novel “quick game” option as well.

The game’s technical details are as follows: this web browser puzzle board game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game also has a landscape orientation and is supported to play on mobile phones.



This puzzle board game offers a smooth 2D graphical interface with a brilliant PNG-style color scheme. The in-game graphics are also visual-friendly and easily adaptable to both types of digital displays.



There are no customizations available in Dots and Boxes. However, players can customize the difficulty level, the board size, and single/double player gameplay options.


Weapons & Health

Also, there are no weapons involved in this online HTML5 logic board game. Additionally, there are no health restrictions of any kind.



Dots and Boxes offers a two-player gameplay option, only. There are no other multiplayer modes available in this web browser 2D logic board game. The two-player mode is a PVP gameplay mode where you can play with an actual player on the same device. Other than that, the players can simply play this board game on all levels solely with a computer-controlled game.