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Dirt Bike Mad Skills

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: RHM Interactive

Dirt Bike Mad Skills is an online io action bike racing game where players need to complete challenging circuits and perform mad stunts to win.


  • WASD/arrow keys to accelerate, break, and movement

Game Description

Dirt Bike Mad Skills is an online io action bike racing game where players need to complete challenging circuits and perform mad stunts to win. This web browser bike racing game is a pinnacle one in the HTML5 racing games genre, with a lot of good options and a high-quality 3D graphical interface on a side-scrolling view perspective.

So, there are two gameplay modes in this exciting bike racing game and the aim in both is to reach the finish line on each of the circuits. The players must also perform a few stunts along the way to earn extra XPs in the game. This is a multiplayer HTML5 bike racing game so you can race with a friend on the same device.

Therefore, what is there to wait further? Let us get to know how to play and win in Dirt Bike Mad Skills.


How to Play Dirt Bike Mad Skills


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To learn about how to score XPs and earn in-game gold coins, you first need to know about the gameplay modes. There is one standard racing gameplay mode, which is the default one in this game, and the other one is the “Distance” gameplay mode.

In standard racing mode, you can play either as a single-player or a two-player game. To earn XPs and gold coins in the standard racing mode, you must safely reach the finishing line of each circuit, within a given time. While you race, it is also important you do stunts during intervals, such as backflips and wheeling, to earn extra points.

In the second gameplay mode, the “Distance” mode, you will race with another player on the same device, and you must cover the circuit’s distance within a given time and has to end up first to win. Even in this mode, doing stunts is necessary since it is the main decider of earning extra gold coins in the game.


Playing Environment

This web browser 3D arcade racing game offers a good menu and gameplay experience. The players can access the in-game store, “Distance” gameplay mode, and single/two-player gameplay modes as well from the main screen.

Furthermore, the game offers a side-scrolling third-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, the game also offers landscape in-game screen orientation, which is great for a wide view on side-scrolling physics.

But the one downfall is that the game is not yet supported to play on a mobile device, which is indeed a huge laid-down of depriving a large community of gamers these days.



Dirt Bike Mad Skills offers a high-quality 3D graphical interface with sharp elemental design and some of the best life-like special effects as well. Due to these graphical qualities, this online io arcade bike racing game will require a few graphical resources from your system.



Although there are no specific characteristics or automobile customizations available in this web browser HTML5 action racing game, the players can purchase new bikes with the in-game gold coins they have.

Each new bike will come with new facilities, power, and skin color as well.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this online arcade bike racing game, and neither are any kind of health restrictions. However, if a player falls or trips, they will end up crashed and either had to restart from the beginning or from the last checkpoint (if they had reached it).



There is an offline two-player multiplayer mode available in Dirt Bike Mad Skills. The player can battle it out in head-to-head racing with a friend and acquaintances on the same device. The players can go to a two-player mode in both the standard (optional) and the “Distance” gameplay mode (prerequisite).