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Demolish Derby

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: Simplicity Games

Demolish Derby is an action-filled car battle online game where you will be crowned the winner on how badass a driver you are.


  • Hold left-click and move your mouse to move around the car

Game Description

Demolish Derby is an action-filled car battle online game where you will be crowned the winner on how badass a driver you are. Go and attack other cars in the open field with head-on collisions and gain precious points by demolishing cars with a bang!

As you may have correctly guessed by now, this online web browser car action game is all about destroying and demolishing other cars. Your goal is to clear the field by colliding head-on with other cars and demolish them all to win the round.

As you win each round, you will get your hard-earned gold coins which you can then spend on upgrading your vehicle to a more robust and durable one. So, are you a badass car driver? If you think you are then let us play Demolish Derby and see how badass a driver you are in real!


How to Play Demolish Derby


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this online car arcade game, you need to hit and destroy other cars in the battle arena. Each destroyed car will give you XP points in the form of gold coins. Additionally, to increase your level, you need to come out on top and win the round.

And as you progress to the new rounds, the in-game difficulty will also increase with it.


Playing Environment

This web browser vehicle arcade game offers a sublime top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 720×1024 – the best full-screen resolution for you. However, the only bad news is that the Demolish Derby is not yet supported to play on mobile devices. Other than that, there is all good in this action-packed car battle game.

And oh, the game’s main menu is also very straightforward: click on “Play” to start the game and click on the gear icon to enter settings and turn off/on the in-game sounds – simple!



Graphics in this online HTML5 car arcade game is a sharp and crisp 3D architecture, with penetrating and contrasting colors. The best thing about the graphics of this car racing arcade is that despite using 3D textures and razor-sharp color patterns, it does not use many system resources to run smoothly.

So, no worries if you do not have a dedicated graphics adapter, you can play this car demolisher game even on the in-built graphical ability of your system.



Oh yeah! There are all the customizations you want in a car racing game. For example, the player can claim and upgrade to new types of vehicles, and change car skin and color as well.

But first things first, all this customization had to be either purchased via in-game coins or by watching a sponsored video in the game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons in this game which can be used by the players. However, there are some in-game weapons, such as blasting drums, which the players must avoid while driving their cars in the battle arena.

There is a health bar present in the game which is shown right alongside your vehicle. Keep an eye on that because whenever you hit an obstacle or you are hit by another car, it depletes – sometimes faster – and you will end up losing the game.



There is a sort of multiplayer gameplay action involved in Demolish Derby but in the form of the in-game bots playing against you and not the real players from the web. So, to such an extent, you can consider this action arcade car racing game a multiplayer one.