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Death Dungeon Survivor

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: LoraStudio

Death Dungeon Survivor is a web browser survival horror game where you will be trapped in a haunted castle and your job is to defeat all the ghosts and leave them unscathed.


  • Left-click and hold to move around the area
  • Tap and hold to move around the screen on mobile

Game Description

Death Dungeon Survivor is a web browser survival horror game where you will be trapped in a haunted castle and your job is to defeat all the ghosts and leave them unscathed. This is one of those games which will surely bring back some old MS-Dos memories due to its high-quality retro graphics.

So, the objective is to kill different types of ghosts who will be chasing you around in the open dungeon. As you move in the area, the ghosts will increase as well as different types of them will appear. You need to dodge, kill, and sideline them and get power-ups from the ones you will kill.

Sounds like a good ghost adventure right? Let’s find out more about this challenging web browser survival game in the article below.


How to Play Death Dungeon Survivor


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in Death Dungeon Survivor, you need to kill ghosts and snatch the gems left by them as they vanish. These gems will increase your XP points overall as well as give you much-needed in-game gold slabs, which work as your in-game cash to buy upgrades.

Not only that but the amount of time you spent surviving in the game will also increase your points and unlocks various rewards for your character. On top of that, there are up to 4 characters you can choose from in this online survivor horror game. One is always open by default, and the other three need to be unlocked by watching a sponsored video.

For leveling up, you need to obtain a certain number of gems by killing ghosts in the dungeon area. Whenever you get those required amounts of gems, you will see your level increased on the top screen of the game, in the level bar.


Playing Environment

Death Dungeon Survivor offers a neat top-down view perspective. This is an ideal in-game view for a survival game of retro graphical style. The main menu also offers much to the player.

You can see the catalog of the weapons you have at your disposal, as well as all the power-ups/lifelines too. There is also an in-game shop, which goes by the name of “Rune,” where you can buy different kinds of power-ups, lifelines, and weapons to fight the ghosts. Now, this step will require you to have some in-game gold slabs as cash.

Other than that, the basic option of turning the sound and music on/off is present as well.



Graphics is the ultimate pleasure of playing this web browser horror survival adventure game. Get ready to experience the nostalgic 2D retro MS-Dos graphical interface in Death Dungeon Survivor. The designers of this game have designed the graphics so eloquently that the game feels like it is running from a floppy.

The color patterns are varied, yet still retaining that age-old 8-bit dos graphical style. You will not find such neat retro-style graphics in many web browser survival adventure games.



There are lots and lots of them! You can choose from a variety of weapons, lifelines, and different types of power-ups available in this feature io web browser game. Not only that but you have up to four different characters to play with, and three of them can easily be unlocked by watching a single sponsor video.

Plus, some rewards and power-ups are to be obtained simply on how good you play in the game. These can be found in the “Tasks” option on the main menu: complete those tasks while playing the game and get several free customizations as a reward.

The other, such as the ones from the “Rune” option has to be purchased via in-game money, which are the gold slabs in Death Dungeon Survivor.


Weapons & Health

There are some exotic and antique weapons available in this online horror survivor game. For example, the player can get weapons such as a power leaf, holy book shield, fireballs, magic wand, boomerangs, and lots of others.

This is not it – the variety of defensive apparatuses is also diverse. The player can get defenses to boost safety such as golden armor, holy book shield, freeze attack, etc.

The health bar is also visible alongside your playable character. Keep an eye on that because whenever you get bitten/hit by a ghost, it depletes.



Death Dungeon Survivor is a solo one-player web browser survival adventure game. As of now, there is no multiplayer mode in this game. But do not worry – there is enough entertainment and task-oriented fun involved here which will not make you feel the need to play with multiple players online.