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Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue

Release date: Aug, 1993 Publisher: Softdisk

The most famous MS-Dos PC game of the 90s comes to your web browser: Play Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue on a desktop/mobile web browser at Kiwigames.


  • Use arrow keys to move around
  • Press the Ctrl key to jump 
  • Press the Alt key to shoot
  • Tap on the mobile screen to move
  • Tap on-screen controls for jumping and shooting

Game Description

The most famous MS-Dos PC game of the 90s comes to your web browser: Play Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue on a desktop/mobile web browser at Kiwigames. As most of us who grew up in the late 80s and 90s, Dangerous Dave is not an unfamiliar name. This web browser arcade game is the official third installment of the Dangerous Dave series which initially started in 1988.

So, in this version of Dangerous Dave, our childhood hero Dave is on a mission to save his younger brother Delbert from the evil Dr. Nemesis, who turns normal humans into zombie mutants. You will play as Dave and you will need to brave a lot of dangerous obstacles on your way to reach your brother and save him.

Everything in this web browser extension of Dangerous Dave is the same as it was back in 1993 when this version was released on MS-Dos PCs. So, brace yourself for some real nostalgic memories of this renowned physics action arcade game on your web browser.


How to Play Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points, you need to collect every power-up that is present in this game. Some of these power-ups will also give you bonus lives in the game. You will also need to shoot down dangerous creatures that are there to hunt you down before you reach Dr. Nemesis’s mental asylum.

Your in-game level will also increase as you pass each stage, with new types of obstacles and creatures awaiting you as the difficulty increases. There are up to 10 levels with the 10th being the last one when you will come face to face with Dr. Nemesis.


Playing Environment

This web browser physics arcade game offers a third-person view perspective. The in-game screen has landscape orientation with an in-game dimension of 320×200 – the classic widescreen resolution.

The player can access (and change) in-game options such as joystick calibration and sound settings; to calibrate the joystick press F1 and to change sound settings press F2.



Like all retro MS-Dos games of the 90s, Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue also offers a 2D pixelated graphical interface which was the premium graphics in those days of early PC gaming.

The color diversity within this limited graphical interface is just tremendous: Every in-game element has distinctive colors correlating to their nature, especially the sky with glittering stars and moons is just awesome.



Customizations are not available in this arcade action game. Games in the early 90s do not offer customizations.


Weapons & Health

Dave is equipped with the only weapon in which he is best: a shotgun. There are no other weapons in the game as this one is enough for all the dangers lurking along the way. You can increase the bullets by collecting bullet power-ups scattered throughout the stage.

There are three lives available by default. However, with good gameplay or by collecting life-power-ups, the player can increase their lives as well.



Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue does not offer multiplayer either. Likewise, games in those days do not offer cloud or web-based features. So, you will be playing a solo one-player game and leading the classic fight between good and bad.