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Danger Dash

Release date: Oct, 2022 Publisher: Gameloft SE

The famous arcade running game from the Symbian-mobile days has now come to your web browser: The Danger Dash by Gameloft.


  • Use arrow keys to move around
  • Press the “Up” arrow key to jump
  • Press the “Down” arrow key to drift/sprint

Game Description

The famous arcade running game from the Symbian-mobile days has now come to your web browser: The Danger Dash by Gameloft SE. For those of you who were in your teens during the mobile boom of the 2000s, they will surely be aware of this arcade running game.

Now available as an HTML5 web browser game by the official maker Gameloft, Danger Dash still clings to its tricky and exciting gameplay which made it famous in the first place. So, as our gaming community fans might already know, you need to outrun the dangers in this jungle running game while avoiding obstacles along the way as well.

There are lots of ways to enhance your powers and rewards in this online arcade running game as well as the same old tricky temples, jungles, and lots of scenic pathways to cross. Let us not waste our time further and jump right into some essential details about this ‘old flame’ of ours.


How to Play Danger Dash


Earning XP & Leveling

XPs are awarded in the form of in-game gold coins in Gameloft’s Danger Dash. To win the round and progress to new levels/unlocking rewards, the players must accomplish the goals given for each round. Once the goal is accomplished, the players will win and progress to the new stage.

Apart from the reward cash being unlocked by accomplishing goals, there are gold coins scattered across the tricky running tracks which the players can collect while racing away from danger. Also, there will be certain power-ups lying on the running tracks which the players can collect and enhance certain attributes.


Playing Environment

The game offers lots of options and features for the players. The players can explore the in-game shop, goals menu, and a play button right from the main screen. Apart from this, there is a setting option from where you can change the in-game preferences, such as music, game reset, and language changing options.

This arcade adventure web browser game offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game dimension of 768×1280. While this game is available as a dedicated app on both iOS and Android, the players can also play the HTML5 format on their mobile web browsers as well, if they do not want to download the app.



As most mobile gamers from the decade of 2000s know, Danger Dash was among the finest games when it comes to the graphical interface. The sleek, smooth, and colorful graphical interfaces for games were first introduced in the Symbian mobile operating system by Gameloft.

That was one of the main reasons that so many of Gameloft’s early games, such as Danger Dash, Diamond Rush, Midnight Pool, Arcade Ball, and many others, were regarded as the trendsetters for the then-upcoming Android and iOS systems.

So, even in this HTML5 format, Danger Dash offers the same smooth and sleek 3D graphics with beautiful and visual-friendly diverse color schemes. The players will surely rejoice and relive the nostalgic moments when they used to play this game on the first-ever mobile phones they bought.



There are no characteristic customizations available in this online adventure arcade running game. However, there are several characters to unlock for the players if they earn enough in-game gold coins to unlock.

Each character has its price range and or requirements for special bonuses. Other than that, the players can upgrade different in-game attributes for an enhanced and powerful gameplay experience. These include revivals, gems collection speed, enhanced money bags, and so much more.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in Gameloft’s Danger Dash. However, some of the obstacles in some stages of the game may be weaponized against the players, but the player can only use their running and parkouring skills to avoid these dangers.

Additionally, there are also no health restrictions of any kind, but the players must be careful and avoid hitting any obstacle along the way. One hit from any obstacle and your character will die instantly.



This HTML5 version of Danger Dash also allows single-player gameplay, as was prevalent in the original Symbian version. There is no offline or online multiplayer mode in the game and the players will play solo and reap all the excitement/rewards by themselves.