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Cricket Legends

Release date: Dec, 2022 Publisher: Gameloft SE

Cricket Legends is a fun and exciting simple web browser sports game where the player will play as a cricket legend and helps their team to win.


  • Tap on the right moment to swing the cricket bat

Game Description

Cricket Legends is a fun and exciting simple web browser sports game where the player will play as a cricket legend and helps their team to win. Made by the acclaimed game developer Gameloft SE, Cricket Legends will test your batting abilities against some tricky bowling.

In each match, there will be two overs in which you will have to attain the given target. Target runs will also be different in every match. Your objective is to make those runs within the allotted wickets you have. Should you fall short in making the targeted score, lost all your wickets, or if the allotted overs are finished, you will lose the match.

There is both a quick match option and a career option available in the game. So, tie up your shoes, take your bat, and let us go right onto the ground to hit some sixes and fours.


How to Play Cricket Legends


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are rewarded in the form of gold coins in this web browser cricket game at the end of each match. However, how many XP points you will be rewarded depends on the outcome of the match.

If you won, you can get 30 or more gold coins at the end of the match. If you lose, you may get somewhere between 3 to 5 gold coins in the end. These XP coins are essential for you to buy in-game enhancements.

As you continue to win matches your gameplay level will also increase with it. But that is specifically central when you are playing in career mode. In career mode, you will need to have steady leveling-up to play different in-game leagues.


Playing Environment

This web browser HTML5 game offers a third-person view on an in-game dimension of 768×1280. The screen orientation is in portrait mode and is highly suitable for playing on mobile devices.

The game’s menu is simply designed as well. You can change the language, turn music and sound on/off, and access your in-game trophies inventory. Plus, there is commentary in Cricket Legends as well.



Graphics are just beautiful in this web browser sports game. The players will enjoy a 3D graphical interface with beautiful and diverse color patterns.

The in-game elements are designed in the PNG style of graphics with bright/shiny effects to them. Plus, there are minor special effects also designed in this io cricket game.



There are customizations available in this io cricket game such as dressing, kits, bats, and lots of other things. However, these customizations will be unlocked at certain levels or had to be purchased via in-game gold coins.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are involved in Cricket Legends nor there are health restrictions of any kind.



No! This web browser HTML5 cricket game does not offer a multiplayer feature. The player will be solely playing the matches in both quick and career modes, respectively.