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Release date: Mar, 2018 Publisher: K&S Games

CrazySteve io is an online multiplayer web browser battle royale game that is based on the famous original character of Minecraft – Steve.


  • Use the mouse to move around
  • Left click to throw TNT
  • Right click to boost speed

Game Description:

CrazySteve io is an online multiplayer web browser battle royale game that is based on the famous original character of Minecraft – Steve. In this unofficial Minecraft io game, the well-known Steve is holding a bombing competition and each player needs to compete harder to grow their territory by eliminating other players.

Every player collects red bombs scattered on the map area as well as the blue crystals to grow. The one who makes the most kills and entirely engulfs the map area will win the round.

So, are you crazy enough to take on this bombarding mayhem hosted by Steve? Let’s find out by playing the game!


How to Play CrazySteve io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Weapons, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

The player will score XP points by eating up the scattered items on the map and by destroying other players with bombs. So, the more you eat/grow and make kills the more your XP score will be increased.

Playing Environment -:

This web browser Minecraft battle royale game offers side-scrolling physics, with a top-down or aerial view perspective.

The in-game screen shows a radar, logged-in players, a basic key indicator, and a leaderboard. The map area is also huge offering a good focus for the players to progress in the game.


CrazySteve io offers great quality 2D pixelated graphics which are like the earlier versions of Microsoft’s Minecraft game.

The color patterns are varied and rich in details so the player will enjoy some good quality classic NES-style colors.

Plus, the graphics are visual-friendly as well as light on the web browser resources.

Weapons & Health -:

This io web browser battle royale game offers a variety of weapons that are all scattered on the map area to collect for free. Some of these weapons are bows and arrows, TNT bombs, swords, rocks, etc.

The player can collect each of them and can even swipe between them in-game. The health bar is shown alongside every player.

Pay heed to it since a few good attacks or one big attack can instantly deplete your health and kill your character.

Customization -:

One of the best perks of playing CrazySteve io is to have the ability to select from a huge range of characters – the list possibly has many characters. Each character has a different kind of look and appeal as well.

Multiplayer – Yes!

This online io Minecraft battle royale web game is a complete PVP multiplayer-er.  This means that real players are competing on the battlegrounds for a win.

Therefore, buckle yourself up well since there will be an intense fight between you and other players for the top spot.



Here are some of the most exciting features of CrazySteve io:


Video Walkthrough: