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Crazyroll 3D is a casual io arcade web browser game that is a highly exciting and fun racing game.


  • Press the AD or left and right arrow keys to steer
  • Use the 1, 2, or 3 keys to use power-ups

Game Description

Crazyroll 3D is a casual io arcade web browser game that is a highly exciting and fun racing game. In this io web arcade racing game, the player will control a 3D ball that keeps descending on several buildings which are constantly on the move.

The player must be precise and quick to control their ball or else they will instantly fall below and crash. So, are you up for this challenging race? Let us find out by playing Crazyroll


How to Play Crazyroll


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player will gain points based on how far they go on this endless downward road. The player will go through several different challenging courses on the way, and by passing each one of them successfully, the player will also level up in the game.


Playing Environment

This io web browser casual racing game offers a second-person view perspective. The in-game screen will continue to tilt both ways during your descent, as this is the game dynamics that makes running difficult for the player.
The in-game screen is also intuitive and will show you power-ups, diamonds, and special gift counts. Other than that, the game is highly focused and the player must not lose their concentration even for a second.



Graphics is simple, despite using 3D architecture. But the color patterns used in Crazyroll 3D are the graphical highlight of this game. With each new level, the entire color pattern in-game changes to a different one.
The graphical quality will surely swoon the fans of this io web browser casual racing game.



Unfortunately, there are no customizations at this point in Crazyroll However, the game is a new entry in the io web games genre so there may be a chance the developers will add customizations in the future.


Weapons & Health

There is no need for weapons in this casual racing web browser game, and no weapons are available in the game as well. However, there are certain power-ups available that will give the player certain types of boosts.
There is also no health bar present in-game. The only thing which the player must avoid is getting hit by a hard obstacle or falling down the course.



Congratulations! Crazyroll 3D offers both solo and two-player gameplay options. The player can start a race between him/her and an additional player on the other end to face off in a double-run match.