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Crazy Plane Shooter

Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: Catom Games

Crazy Plane Shooter is a retro-style scrolling 2D web browser arcade game which is inspired by the 1992 Project-X shooter game.


  • Use WASD to move your plane
  • Press Spacebar to shoot

Game Description

Crazy Plane Shooter is a retro-style scrolling 2D web browser arcade game which is inspired by the 1992 Project-X shooter game. Fans of retro arcade shooting games will find this HTML5 title the finest airplane retro-style shooter they can ever play on a web browser.

So, in this online airplane arcade shooter game, you will be up against different kinds of enemies. As you progress in the game, you need to eliminate all the enemies to reach the third and final boss in this game.

To help you with this goal, you will be provided with occasional power boasts during gameplay which you can collect and enhance your in-game shooting abilities. This web browser arcade shooting game is one hell of a retro-style experience that the player will not love to miss at all!

Therefore, let us learn how to play the Crazy Plane Shooter 2D arcade game!


How to Play Crazy Plane Shooter


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, simply take down the enemy planes you encounter during gameplay. You need to kill a certain number of enemies before you can progress to the new round.

There is not much hassle about gameplay levels in this game since there are only 3 levels in this game. However, all these 3 levels will have a different set of enemies, with different abilities, which makes this short arcade game an exciting one.


Playing Environment

The game offers a horizontal-scrolling view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720. Additionally, the screen orientation is in landscape mode which automatically provides the most in-depth gameplay details with ideal full-screen ability.

There is also a straightforward main page of the game where you simply need to press any button and the game will start right away. There are no menu options or in-game settings available in Crazy Plane Shooter io.



That is the huge plus of this web browser arcade shooting game: The player will have nostalgic feelings with the classic MS-Dos 2D pixelated graphics of Crazy Plane Shooter. The game is also inspired by a classic arcade shooter Project-X, which was initially released in 1992.



There are no customizations available in this online arcade airplane shooting game.


Weapons & Health

The player will have a basic fire shooter attached to their plane. However, during the gameplay, the player can collect different types of power-ups which bring different shooting abilities to the plane.

Some of the weapon upgrades are missiles, laser beams, and fireballs to end enemy planes instantly. Also, the player will have six lives available in each round, which also can be increased by collecting life power-ups.



Crazy Plane Shooter does not offer a multiplayer feature. The player will be playing solo, defeating enemies, and clinching final victory against the final boss on level 3.