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Counter Craft 2 Zombies

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: G55.CO

Counter Craft 2 Zombies is an exciting web browser action shooting game where you will have to kill hordes of zombies who are after you.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press “C” to duck
  • Press “Shift” to run/sprint
  • Press left-click to shoot
  • Up/down mouse roller to change weapons

Game Description

Counter Craft 2 Zombies is an exciting web browser action shooting game where you will have to kill hordes of zombies who are after you. The game offers brilliant gameplay dynamics with faster shoot-to-kill mechanics and a pixelated Minecraft-style graphical interface.

There are several levels to enjoy in this online action zombie battle game so the player will have lots to kill and explore here. The game is also laid out simply and the players can get started in no time.

So, let us get ready and prepare ourselves for the best zombie-killing game in the HTML5 gaming community! Let us learn how to play Counter Craft 2 Zombies and win in it.


How to Play Counter Craft 2 Zombies


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in this action zombie shooting game based on completing the tasks, and each round has a different task to carry out. Each level has three rounds in it, and all have different tasks for the players to complete in order to progress and earn XPs.

For example, in any single round, you must kill at least 10 zombies while on the other you have to kill 30 to win. This is how players will earn XP points and progress in this zombie arcade shooter game.


Playing Environment

The game follows a very direct approach to gameplay. There are just two options on the game’s main screen – sound mute and play button. If you do not like in-game sounds, mute it. Otherwise, just click on play and get into the action right away.

The game also offers a first-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 960×600. The in-game screen orientation is in landscape mode so there is much open-world detailed view for the players to explore.

However, there is one con to this great web browser Minecraft shooting game is that it is not supported to play on mobile devices, both as an app and on mobile web browsers. Other than that, all is good and great about this action zombie shooter.



Counter Craft 2 Zombies offers its players the best Minecraft pixelated 3D graphical interface. Everything and element in this exciting Zombie game seems like an official world extension of the original Minecraft game. This is the level of graphical precision players should expect in this game.

Additionally, the color schemes and the overall graphical interface are retina-friendly and do not put a strain on the player’s eyes. No worries if you play for hours in the end the gameplay will not stress you a bit.



Sadly, there are no customizations available in this online io arcade shooter game as of now.


Weapons & Health

There are three weapons available for the players to use in the game. These weapons are AK-47, Sniper, and a hand pistol. There is also a health meter on the bottom left side of the screen. At its full capacity, the player’s health is 100 points.

But if you are hit by a zombie(s), your health points will decrease – and can decrease rapidly when under attack by a horde. So, keep an eye on the health meter at the same time you are battling zombies.



This web browser arcade zombie shooter is a solo single-player game. There are no multiplayer modes available, whether online or offline. The players of Counter Craft 2 Zombies will be able to enjoy all the killing and shooting action on their own without worrying about any PVP (Player-vs-Player) competitions of any sort.