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Conquer the

Release date: Feb, 2021 Publisher: Playtouch Inc.

Conquer the is an exciting arcade strategy grow io game in which the player needs to conquer enemy planets in their galaxy.


  • Use the left mouse button to click on your planet and then to the other planet to attack.

Game Description

Conquer the is an exciting arcade strategy grow io game in which the player needs to conquer enemy planets in their galaxy. In this io space arcade web browser game, the player will not only need to conquer but also need to defend their planet against invaders.

This game is all but boring, so expect tons of fun while you conquer your way to creating your empire in the entire galaxy. Let us get started and learn how you can play Conquer the!


How to Play Conquer the


Earning XP and Leveling Up

The player will score points as they capture each enemy planet in their galaxy. The goal is to capture all your enemy planets in this space arcade io game.

The player simply needs to click on play from the main menu, select between two gaming types of Classic and Conquest, and you are good to go!

Conquer the offers up to 20 different levels, and as the player defeats the enemy in each one, the game continues to become a more complex puzzle arcade. You will also need to do things faster as each round is only 70s seconds long.

You will not get enough of it – we promise this to you!


Playing Environment

This io web browser space arcade game offers a third-person view perspective, with an in-game screen that is extremely focused on the gaming fun rather than the metrics.

The player is only bothered by a single menu bar on the left side, with only sound and language options for the player.



Simple in its outlook but dynamic in its puzzling challenges at each level, Conquer the offers smooth 3D graphics which will not even tingle in your eyes while playing.

The overall fps and graphical flow of the game is so flexible that you will not even notice a budge while playing. On top of that, the color patterns are of top-notch mixture quality which will feel pleasing to the player’s eyes.

On a graphical level as well, this io casual strategy game is also supreme.



There are no customizations in Conquer the


Weapons and Health

The player will have an uninterrupted supply of ballistic rocks to throw at the enemy’s planet. As you hit the enemy’s planet, their planet’s defense score keeps getting lower. When it hits zero, the planet will be your territory.

The same applies to you and your captured planets. If concurrent bombardment of your enemy successfully eliminates your resource score to zero, your territory will be taken away from you.

The defense score is also the health bar in this io web browser strategy arcade game.



Conquer the is a solo game where the player will be playing against the computer-controlled bot. You cannot play with other players in this web browser io game.