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Climb Racing 3D

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: Hihoy

Climb Racing 3D is an exciting web browser car race game that has lots of customizations, a variety of tracks, upgrades, and characters to enjoy.


  • Movement: A-D / RIGHT and LEFT ARROW KEYS
  • Nitro: J
  • Magnet: K
  • All-Wheel Drive: L
  • Hint: You can steer the car into the air with the forward and reverse consumers

Game Description

Climb Racing 3D is an exciting web browser car race game that has lots of customizations, a variety of tracks, upgrades, and characters to enjoy. Plus, this online car racing game also offers some brilliant 3D graphics to make up for a high-class in-game graphical interface.

This car racing web browser game also has a variety of hill-climbing adventures for the player to explore. But, on the main course, the objective of the game is to win every circuit thrown at you, as well as collect the in-game gold coins scattered on the track.

So, why sit still? Let us find out more about Climb Racing 3D and how you can ace this amazing 3D car adventure online game.


How to Play Climb Racing 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

So, the player needs to collect gold coins on racing circuits to gain XP points. The gold coins in this game work as your in-game cash and points. However, as the player continues to race and win circuits, they can buy new upgrades and even new vehicles to level up their hill climbing offroad adventure.

For those who are trying Climb Racing 3D for the first time, they will be directly put into training mode after the game loads. We recommend the new players take a practice session before hitting it out on the offroad climbing action – it will be worth your time!


Playing Environment

This web browser io car racing game offers a second-person view, which is right alongside the vehicle. The in-game focus also auto zooms in/out as well, according to the driving scenario in-game.

The game has an on-screen dimension of 800×450 and has a landscape view. There are several options available on the main menu: rider, stage, vehicle, tuning, and play. You can use these options to select vehicles and riders, tune your vehicle, and start the game with “play.”



As we mentioned in the game description, this is a 3D graphics game with some high-quality graphical elements. So, keep in mind that this game will ask for some hardware acceleration when playing.

However, modern systems are enough capable to play this game smoothly. The color patterns are also varied with some crisp and sharp graphical texture – elevating the entire in-game graphical experience.

You are in for some great gameplay in this 3D vehicle adventure online game.



Customizations are in plenty here in this io web browser game. The player can choose different riders for their vehicles, stages, and vehicles themselves and can also fine-tune their cars to install upgrades.

However, all of these customizations come at a price in Climb Racing 3D, which the player earns in-game via gold coins they collect. The developers, however, offer a gift of 250K gold coins for first-time players to get them started, which is great.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in the game since it does not have any fighting elements. Also, there is no health bar present in Climb Racing 3D. However, the player must be careful while driving because if you flip your vehicle over, it will instantly kill you and eliminate the race.



This web browser vehicle arcade game is a solo one-player entry. The player will be playing against computer-devised challenges to win their way.