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Release date: Sep, 2020 Publisher: Cosmic Cow Games, aka Cubic Castles, is a free io MMO web browser game that is one of the best role-playing games in the io game genre.


  • WASD+Mouse
  • Arrow keys+mouse

Game Description:, aka Cubic Castles, is a free io MMO web browser game that is one of the best role-playing games in the io game genre. The player takes on the role of creator and builder where he will be crafting, building, mining, trading, and role-playing the way they want.

Build your dream world and merge with an active community of role-players like yourself in this open-world role-playing MMO io game.

Let’s learn how you can play now!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customizations, & Features


Earning XP -:

Earning XP points in this exciting MMO io game is very easy! Just dig up and mine as many resources as you can on the map. The more resources you dig up and collect, the more XP points you will gain.

Additionally, keep an eye open for hidden rewards in the ground below your feet. Some of them will give you a sudden XP boost.

Playing Environment -: offers a top-down third-person view perspective for the players of this game. This means that it is one of those io games which provides ample view of the surroundings for the player to easily see what’s going on.

Plus, the in-game screen and menu are also very intuitive. As soon as the player starts and reaches close to any crucial element, a message will pop up with information about the element and how it is beneficial for mining.


This open-world MMO mining io game is also a graphically beautifully-designed web browser game. Building on a 3D GUI, the game uses beautiful color patterns with a slight touch of Minecraft-style dynamics as well.

The color scheme used in this io game is highly visual-friendly and puts less strain on the player’s eyes. However, the game may use a portion of your hardware resources to run at its optimal capacity.

Customization -:

When it comes to customizations and characteristic cosmetics, also scores higher in this regard.

The player can create a variety of styles and characteristic cosmetics such as shirts, pants, hats, wings, and several other accessories that can be purchased from the Cubit store in-game.

The player can also customize the land they mine, the way they like.



Here are some of the best features that offer to its players:


Video Walkthrough: