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Carrom with Buddies

Release date: May, 2021 Publisher: MarketJS

Carrom with Buddies is a fun online io multiplayer board game which is based on the famous South Asian board game Carrom.


  • Left-click and mouse to move the striker
  • Left-click and hold to shoot the striker 

Game Description

Carrom with Buddies is a fun online io multiplayer board game which is based on the famous South Asian board game Carrom. The game, as in recent times, gained immense popularity around the world when it was initially launched on Android and iOS.

So, the goal in this web browser arcade board game is like the rules of Carrom – empty your pieces with the queen before the opponent on board. It is that simple! However, if you happen to get confused, Carrom with Buddies offers a rule guide option right on the game’s home screen which will get you going in no time.

Therefore, what is left more to describe or tell, except about the game’s dynamics and how you can play the game and win in it, right? Let us get into these meaningful details quickly!


How to Play Carrom with Buddies


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The web browser multiplayer board game has a simple analogy to scoring XPs and progressing. Right from the onset, you will either have a black or white piece assigned to you. So, you will earn points by putting your pieces into any of the four holes of the carrom board.

It is also important to tell you here that the pieces on a carrom board are known as Carromen, and the red piece is the Queen. To win the game, you must put all your Carromen in the holes except one piece with the queen if it is not taken earlier by your opponent.

When you only have one piece and a queen left on the board, you can then go for the queen and finally put the last piece of yours into the pothole. This will win you the game.

Each time you start a match, you will be paired with a random player online within five seconds and the game will start. Remember to follow these simple rules and you will continue to win all the boards in this online multiplayer carrom board game.


Playing Environment

This online io social board game offers a straightforward gameplay dynamic. The game offers minimal, but only useful options. Players can access the sound mute option, full-screen option, rules guide option, and two gameplay modes – private and online.

The online mode is the standard gameplay mode where you will paired with a random player online and the game will start. The private mode offers you the chance to play a 2-player game with a specific ‘anyone’ you would like to play with.

Apart from these, the game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 540×960. Additionally, the game is also supported to play on mobile devices as well as having a portrait mode screen orientation – best for mobile gamers!



Carrom with Buddies provides a sleek and smooth 2D graphical interface with beautiful color patterns embedded throughout the game. The graphics of the game are also visual-friendly and responsive, by definition, it can be adapted easily to any display it is played on.



Players can choose an avatar and a name for themselves in this web browser multiplayer board game. Other than that, there are now customizations available in this game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons and no health restrictions in this online social board game.



Carrom with Buddies offers two PVP multiplayer gameplay modes. One is a private gameplay mode where you either create or enter a password created by the other player with which you want to play in a private mode. The other is the default online PVP mode where you will be paired with a random player and a game will then ensue.