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Car Simulator Racing Car

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Best Free Games

Car Simulator Racing Car is an exciting and challenging career based online HTML5 car racing game in which you will do lots of tasks and carve a story of your success.


  • WASD/arrow keys to accelerate, break, reverse, and movement
  • Left-shift to use nitro boost

Game Description

Car Simulator Racing Car is an exciting and challenging career based online HTML5 car racing game in which you will do lots of tasks and carve a story of your success. This web browser 3D car racing game is not like traditional sports racing games – it has some GTA-style career elements.

So, the players need to accomplish various tasks for Mafia and other criminal gangs in the city to earn in-game cash, upgrades, new vehicles, and lots of other things. Also, the players can perform stunts around the city to get some extra cash and XPs. This is an online car racing simulator game that has everything for the fans of this genre.

Plus, there are a lot of personality and vehicle-based customizations available in this game as well which will give you a sense of belonging (e. g. country, gender, avatar, etc.) So, let us get going and learn more about Car Simulator Racing Car game’s essentials and how to win in it.


How to Play Car Simulator Racing Car


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points and earn gold coins in this career racing simulator game, the players must finish missions – some timed and some tasks oriented – to get XPs and rewards. Plus, the players can also earn points by performing stunts in-game.

As for the in-game level and difficulty, it continues to grow as you complete more and more missions and build your in-game career. The players will find the gameplay screen much like that in GTA games: there is a blip map with legends on the top right side of the screen which shows all the points in the city with tasks and missions.

The gold coins are also scattered in every district of the city so the players can collect them while they are exploring tasks and missions to add to their in-game cash.


Playing Environment

This online io arcade racing simulator game has a unique approach to the gameplay experience. For the players who are starting for the first time, the first in-game screen will provide some personalization options for the players.

Players can choose from the eight countries listed in the game, choose their avatar, input their name, and click on the “next” arrow to go to the garage. The garage has its own set of options: Players can click on the “Start” button and then it will unveil all the options which the garage menu has to offer.

Over here, players can purchase from a variety of new cars available, watch sponsored ads to get free gold coins, and finally click on “Select” to get into the city.

Furthermore, the game offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, the game offers landscape screen orientation which is great for wide-view gaming.

Car Simulator Racing Car is not supported on mobile devices as of now, which is a noticeably big disappointment since the game is a particularly good racing io game.



This web browser racing simulator game offers a 3D graphical interface with a sharp and edgy elemental design. The color patterns are varied as well and have a brighter tone in general. There are special effects designed in the overall graphics, such as fire, explosion, and day/night changes.



There are no specific customizations available in this game. However, the players can buy new cars which will come with their own skin colors and power-ups.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this game and neither are there any health restrictions of any kind.



This online car race arcade game does not offer any type of multiplayer mode. This is a single-player HTML5 game in which players will play solely all the tasks and missions on their own.