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Car Puzzle 3D

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Devshifu Studio

Car Puzzle 3D is an exciting web browser car puzzle game where you need to park cars in the correct order on tricky courses.


  • Use left-click to select and move the cars

Game Description

Car Puzzle 3D is an exciting web browser car puzzle game where you need to park cars in the correct order on tricky courses. The game offers a brilliant graphical interface and smooth gameplay dynamics that are both visual and gameplay-friendly for players of all ages. This game is one of the finest in the hyper casual IO game genre.

The goal of Car Puzzle 3D is to simply park all the vehicles in the correct order. To park them correctly, however, is something that the players must do in a wise strategic manner. The tracks are tricky and complex, and players need to park the cars in quite precise order so that no vehicles collide with each other or get in the way.

So, let us get going and find out if we are the best drivers in the world by learning how to play this online IO puzzle game.


How to Play Car Puzzle 3D


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points and progress further in this exciting casual puzzle game, all you need to do is park all the vehicles in order. Each round has a different number of vehicles to park with different types of tracks each time.

As you progress further on in the game, the in-game difficulty will continue to increase further with more vehicles and more complex tracks.


Playing Environment

The game is very direct in its approach to gameplay. Right after the game loads, the player will be taken directly to the actual gameplay level. Options are also very minimal as the players will only see an option to restart the round and an upcoming in-game shop option.

As for the technical details, the game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720. Additionally, the game has landscape screen orientation and is also supported on mobile phones as well.



Car Puzzle 3D offers a high-quality 3D graphical interface with a seamless PNG-styled color scheme. The graphics are also quite visual-friendly and adaptable to both types of digital displays. Having a big resolution on a landscape screen orientation also offers wide-view in-game details for the players to enjoy.



As of now, this web browser hyper casual car puzzle game does not have any in-game customizations. However, there is an in-game shop option available in the game which, when you click, tells the players that the in-game shop is ‘coming soon.’


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this game nor is there a health restriction on the players.



Car Puzzle 3D offers a single-player mode only. The game does not have any multiplayer mode, so the players will be playing all the levels solely without having to worry about competition from other players.