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Car Crash

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: JustPlay

Car Crash is an online web browser demolition game where you own a vehicle just to crash and demolish everything with it in your path.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Left-click on sponsored option in-game to get nitro boost/restore
  • Press the “R” key to restart the round
  • Press the “H” key to return home screen

Game Description

Car Crash is an online web browser demolition game where you own a vehicle just to crash and demolish everything with it in your path. The game is a fun hyper casual io title where the player can simply enjoy destruction without any fear of arcade competition.

So, as you may have understood by now, the goal is to crash things with your vehicle, but while doing the demolition derby, you must ensure that all the things you see are destroyed before your own vehicle blows up. It is that simple – isn’t it fun to demolish things in a safe virtual environment?

Well, you are going to find out when you start playing Car Crash. Let us learn some of the essentials of this game before playing.


How to Play Car Crash


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Earning XP points is fun in this game. Simply blow up all the things that can be demolished on the streets and the roads. By demolishing them you will earn XP points. However, how many points are rewarded to you depends on how hard and how many messy things you destroy with your vehicle.

So, if you want to earn in-game cash faster, try to demolish big things with some speed. But be careful, do not blow your vehicle before you earn some good cash. There are several types of different demolishing rounds you can unlock by buying them from the in-game cash you earn.

Every different stage has different levels of difficulty which you can find out when you play them.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade car demolition game offers a second-person view perspective on the in-game screen dimension of 960×600. The game’s main screen also offers a variety of options such as stage selection, sponsored video section, a car customization section, and a settings button to change in-game dynamics.

The “Settings” menu further offers in-game customizations like changing graphics quality, game language, SFX and in-game music level, and setting mouse sensitivity.



Car Crash offers a sharp and crisp 3D graphical interface with realistic-style color patterns adorning each element in-game. The graphics of this online io action racing demolition game may use a few of your system’s resources.

However, the player can change the graphics level from the in-game “Settings” menu if they experience lagging during gameplay.



Players can do such customizations as changing the colors of their vehicles and can even buy new vehicles, given they have enough in-game cash.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this HTML5 web browser demolition game. However, as far as health is concerned, you must keep an eye on the level of damage you are inflicting on your vehicle, while you are destroying things here and there.

You will not see a health bar indicating danger, but the sign of near doom is visible as soon as your vehicle catches fire on its engine side.



Nope! Car Crash is a solo one-player game and does not offer either offline or online multiplayer features. Although, in some stages, such as a demolition race, you may be up against AI-controlled bot racers in the game. So, a sort of multiplayer enjoyment can be availed in this way as well.