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Bullet League Robogeddon

Release date: Apr, 2019 Publisher: Funday Factory

Bullet League, also known as Bullet League Robogeddon, is a fun and exciting open-world battle royale game which is quick, simple, and exciting to play.


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • 12345 to switch equipment

Game Description:

Bullet League, also known as Bullet League Robogeddon, is a fun and exciting open-world battle royale game which is quick, simple, and exciting to play.

So, here’s the gameplay dynamics: the player is out in the open world against a variety of foes. Collect every resource and weapon in the open world and use them against enemies. The goal is to be the last man standing and winning the game.

Plus, there are different varieties of weapons and resources available in-game for the player to utilize to bring on different types of attacks on the enemies.

With great graphics, unique battling abilities, and almost non-stop action across all devices, Bullet League Robogeddon is one hell of an io battle royale experience that you just can’t miss!

Let’s hop in and learn how to play this web browser 2D battle royale game!


How to Play Bullet League:


Earning XP & Leveling Up -:

It’s very easy and fun to score XP points and level up your game in this fast-paced third-person shooter io web game. Simply collect guns and mine resources from the rocks and hilly landscape.

You need to kill bots around you to earn XP points, and the mining will give you lots of resources such as different types of weapons, health capsules, mine tools, etc.

So, going on killing mayhem will give you lots of points, and if you stayed long enough to be the last one standing, you’ll win the stage.


Playing Environment -:

This io web browser shooting game provides a great gameplay environment. The game offers a side-scrolling view perspective on a vegetated hilly landscape.

Right from the start, the player will be thrown into a training session automatically. The in-game screen is also less cluttered, which shows only your weapons vault, a timer, and the ammo-count meter.


Graphics -:

Bullet League Robogeddon offers quite a smooth and well-designed 2D graphical interface. The color schemes used are quite beautiful as well and show good shiny effects on a variety of elements.

This game is easy on almost any device, but for those who utilize an accelerated graphics adapter, the gameplay experience will be on the next level!


Weapons & Health -:

Likewise, other things that are in plenty in this io third-person shooter game, weapons are also varied for the taking. For example, the player has the blazing fast bullet gun right from the start with additional weapons to get such as:

And so much more! The health bar is shown right alongside the player, whenever he/she is hit by an enemy’s attack.


Customization -:

There are no open customizations available in Bullet League Robogeddon, which is indeed a down-point in such a powerful third-person web browser shooting game.

However, the great thing is that customizations can be obtained via mining resources from the scattered pink rocks all around you.

If you are lucky, you may find a good customization item hiding in any one among them.



In the end, here are some of the best features to know about Bullet League Robogeddon before you start playing:


Video Walkthrough: