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Bubble Shooter Candy

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Agame

Bubble Shooter Candy is a simple and fun web browser casual bubble shooting game where all the bubbles are in the form of candies.


  • Move the mouse to aim around
  • Left click to shoot candy bubbles

Game Description

Bubble Shooter Candy is a simple and fun web browser casual bubble shooting game where all the bubbles are in the form of candies. To win and score in this game, players must shoot and eliminate a thread of the same-colored candies. To break a thread, there must be three same-colored candies in a row – it is that simple, right?

The online io arcade bubble shooting game is a very straightforward one in its approach to gameplay. The player can get directly into the action from the game’s main screen. There are not so many options to distract the players from the actual gameplay.

So, let us get to know about the basic gameplay and how to win in Bubble Shooter Candy right away!


How to Play Bubble Shooter Candy


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points in this web browser HTML5 arcade game, you need to shoot down and eliminate threads of candy bubbles before they touch the ground. The more candy bubbles you clean up from the platform, the more score you will get.

And to eventually win the round, you must wisely shoot candies and eliminate all of them before they touch the ground below. As you continue to shoot down threads of candies, the bubbles will continue to move toward the ground.

You must clean them up wisely so that they do not touch the base below.


Playing Environment

Bubble Shooter Candy offers direct-to-game terminology for the players. This means that the players just have to wait for a second or two until the game loads up and get directly to play. There are no distracting options in this game, and you can see a big “play” button only on the main screen to start the game.

However, once in the gameplay, there is a slider menu option on the bottom left side of the screen which, upon clicking, will open a sound on/off option – only. Apart from these, this online io arcade bubble shooting game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600.

The game also has a landscape screen orientation which is great as it provides a wide view in-game. Additionally, the game is also supported on mobile devices as well.



Bubble Shooter Candy offers a sleek and smooth 2D graphical interface with very colorful gameplay. The graphics of this game are also visual-friendly and responsive, which means that the graphics can easily adjust according to the device on which it is played upon.



There are no customizations available in this web browser arcade puzzle shooting game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this bubble arcade shooter game. There are also no health restrictions of any kind.



Bubble Shooter Candy is a solo single-player game and does not have any type of multiplayer mode. The players can play the game freely without worrying about any kind of competition. So, enjoy the full single-player gameplay experience that this game has to offer, and completely for free!