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Bubble Queen Cat

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: SUN.STUDIO

Bubble Queen Cat is a simple and fun io bubble shooting puzzle game that has no fanciness at all, but only beautiful graphics and great gameplay.


  • Use left-click to shoot and rotate between bubbles
  • On mobile, tap to shoot and rotate between bubbles

Game Description

Bubble Queen Cat is a simple and fun io bubble shooting puzzle game that has no fanciness at all, but only beautiful graphics and great gameplay. And there is another thing about this web browser bubble shooting game, it offers a humongous 300 levels of gameplay.

Talk about much in a simple io game! So, the objective here is the same as in all the online bubble shooting games: eliminate the bubbles by hitting them with the same color bubbles. And there are prizes to be unlocked as well, each time after you pass certain levels.

So, let us not wait further and know more about the Bubble Queen Cat!


How to Play Bubble Queen Cat


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn XP, you need to shoot bubbles of the same color. The larger the thread you shoot down with a single shot, the more XP points you will gain. And of course, there are some hidden power-ups and rewards in between these bubbles that are right there for you to claim.

And when you win the round and move to the next one, your gameplay level will also increase with it. There are up to 300 levels to explore in this simple web browser bubble shooting game – so much to enjoy!


Playing Environment

The game offers a top-down view. The in-game screen dimensions are also quite minimal, with a width of 375 by a height of 667 in portrait mode. This is especially ideal for viewing on mobile devices, so those gamers who generally play games on smartphones will enjoy the view perspective.

The game’s main menu is also as simple as the game itself: You can turn the sound on/off and play a lucky spin once in 24 hours from the menu. Also, you can view the number of gold coins you have earned and your life on the game’s start screen.



Bubble Queen Cat offers the best 2D colorful graphics in the web browser games genre that you can think of. Such a minimal approach game having this type of graphical precision is a class of its own.

So, the in-game elements and color patterns blending are also visual-friendly and puts little to no strain on the player’s eyes.



Unfortunately, there are no customizations available in this online bubble arcade shooter game as of now.


Weapons & Health

There are some weapons available in Bubble Queen Cat, such as the bomb bubble, lightning bubble, rocket bubble, etc. These specialized power-up bubbles are unlocked after you win certain rounds, and specialized power-ups continue to pop up as your winning spree goes on.

As for the health, you don’t need to worry about that as long as you don’t over-burden the platform with so many bubbles that they finally bear down upon you and destroy your base.



It is again quite unfortunate that such a high-quality bubble shooting arcade game also does not offer a multiplayer feature. But that should not be an issue as 300 levels to clear will keep you busy as a sole player.