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Bubble Pirates Mania

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: Inlogic Software

Bubble Pirates Mania is a fun arcade bubble shooting game, only this time you will be a pirate shooting bubbles on ye pirate ship – ho ho!


  • Use left-click to shoot bubbles and rotate between bubbles
  • Tap on mobile to shoot and rotate bubbles

Game Description

Bubble Pirates Mania is a fun arcade bubble shooting game, only this time you will be a pirate shooting bubbles on ye pirate ship – ho ho! The game offers up to 30 different levels, and reaching each of these levels is just like cruising your pirate ship through uncharted islands.

So, the objective of this io bubble shooting game is to eliminate all the bubbles of the same color before they touch down the deck of your ship and drown it. It is very easy, fun, and exciting as well as with few new elements being introduced that are contrary to the classical bubble shooting games.

Let us sit down and start steering your “Jolly Roger” ship through unknown lands via this web browser bubble shooting arcade game.


How to Play Bubble Pirate Mania


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to shoot the same color bubbles to eliminate them on your pirate ship. The bigger the thread of bubbles is eliminated, the higher your XP score will be. However, there are some new dynamics introduced this time since the player can change the bubble to the matching color, unlike in classical bubble games.

Additionally, as the player successfully finishes the round and moves on to the next one, their gameplay level will also increase by one point.


Playing Environment

This web browser bubble shooter io game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Bubble Pirate Mania is also a mobile-ready web browser game so gamers who want to play on mobile are not left behind.

The game has a portrait-mode display, which s specifically ideal for viewing on mobile devices. The game’s main menu is as simple as can be: The player has the option to turn off sound, see game credits, and simply click on “Play” to start the game.



Bubble Pirates Mania has one of the finest minimal-style 3D graphics with some beautiful color patterns and effects. The player will enjoyingly bask in the bright and sunny graphics of this game which makes it more appealing to play.

The color patterns and effects are all retina-friendly and do not strain the player’s eyes visually.



This online bubble shooting arcade game doesn’t have customizations available. Despite being such a great bubble shooting game, it is a shame that it does not have any kind of customization available.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in Bubble Pirates Mania since the game does not involve any type of fighting or battle gameplay. As for the health, there is no issue as long as you don’t over-burden your pirate ship with lots of bubbles.

If the bubbles touch down your deck and you failed to eliminate any before this happens, your ship will drown along with you.



Bubble Pirates Mania is a solo one-player game and does not offer a multiplayer option. This is also another con of such a good online bubble shooting game: Had it allowed multiplayer mode, this would take the game onto the next level of entertainment.