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Bubble Master

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: SUN.STUDIO

Bubble Master is a fun casual bubble shooter game in which you need to shoot down the same color bubble before they touch down your base.


  • Use left-click to shoot bubbles
  • Move the mouse to aim

Game Description

Bubble Master is a fun casual bubble shooter game in which you need to shoot down the same color bubble before they touch down your base. The game is a fun one to play and you can go as far ahead as you can by setting up a record score.

So, the dynamics are simple of this game – just shoot down the same color bubbles. During the gameplay, at certain intervals, the players will also be given certain types of power-ups which will help destroy threads of bubbles in just a single shot.

Therefore, let us get going and start smashing bubbles in Bubble Master!


How to Play Bubble Master


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP’s are rewarded based on how many bubbles you break in a single shot. For example, if you hit and shoot down a long thread of bubbles, you will get higher XP points as well as power-ups – in certain intervals – in the game.

There are many rounds in this web browser casual bubble shooting game, so as you continue to win and move on to new rounds, there will be tough bubble puzzles to solve.


Playing Environment

Bubble Master offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 375×667 with a portrait screen orientation. On the game’s main screen, the player will see the highest score, a “play” button to start the game, and a settings button to simply turn off/on in-game music.



This online arcade bubble shooting game has some beautiful 3D graphics with bright and shiny colors. Also, the color patterns are diverse as well as including some beautifully designed special effects like bubble blowing and shining lighting effects for power-ups.



There are no customizations available in this io web browser game, as of writing this description.


Weapons & Health

There are weapons available in this game but in the form of power-ups, which are provided at different intervals based on how good you play. Some of these weapons are bombs, lightning, and rockets to tear down heaps of bubbles in a single shot.

There is no health restriction so no need to fear a health-bar threat at hand. However, what you must avoid is to not let the bubbles thread touch down on your base of shooting. If that happens, you will lose the round and the game will be over.



There is no offline or online PVP multiplayer feature in Bubble Master. The players will play a solo one-player game. So, there is no fear of competition, and you can play freely as long as you like. Make the highest score and beat it yourself in the next session in Bubble Master!