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Bouncy Motors

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: Mewton Games

Bouncy Motors is a fun and exciting web browser car racing game that offers four different gameplay modes.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around and run the vehicle

Game Description

Bouncy Motors is a fun and exciting web browser car racing game that offers four different gameplay modes. There is a new style of vehicle in this game as well, which is a bouncy one, exactly like a jelly. Players must be able to control this vehicle on different types of challenging courses and get to the finish line safely.

All four games have different goals in Bouncy Motors, but we will narrate here the default racing gameplay mode. This is the mode in which you will start automatically, and you need to simply reach the finish line by crossing the challenging course.

And don’t even let us get going on the other three game modes. So, this is an exciting online arcade racing game that has everything a racing game fan would like to enjoy. Let’s find out more about this amazing HTML5 web browser game and how you can win it!


How to Play Bouncy Motors


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Scoring XP points are different in all four game modes. Here we will discuss all of them briefly so you will know how to earn points in all of them. First is the basic game mode in which all players will start. In this “racing” mode, you will need to reach the finish line to gain a cash reward and win the round. Also, your endgame cash reward can be increased if you reach the finish line as early as possible, by creating a record score.

The second game mode is the “Endless Chill.” In this mode, the players can continue to race as long as they like. In the end, when you decide to exit the mode, you will earn a cash reward based on how well you have driven your vehicle.

The third game mode is “Stickmen Annihilation,” which is an arcade game mode where you need to crush stickmen placed in different locations on the track before reaching the finish line flagpole. You will be accorded XP points based on how many kills you have made in this gameplay mode.

The fourth and final gameplay mode is the “Drawing.” This is an exciting one to play because over here you will be the one to draw your track with the mouse and run the vehicle on it. This round is an endless one and you can play as long as you like and there is no requirement for XP points in it.

And there is an option of both one-player and two-player gameplay mode as well, so there is lots of fun and challenges here in Bouncy Motors.


Playing Environment

This web browser physics car game has a very intuitive gameplay menu and dynamics. There are many options, in-game settings, and customizations available for the players to explore and enjoy.

The main screen shows the levels bar, customization option, and settings. Additionally, the game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1024×768. The game also offers landscape screen orientation and is also available as an app on Android.



This online HTML5 physics arcade racing game offers beautiful 2D graphical architecture with brilliant colorful themes. The elemental design follows a smooth and sleek approach which makes the overall graphics more visually appealing to the player’s eyes.



Players can customize their vehicle from the dedicated customization menu in Bouncy Motors. They can unlock a randomized skin of their vehicle from a lot of options and the skin of the vehicle’s tires. Each of these customizations requires cash to be unlocked and applied.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this arcade racing game. Also, there are no health restrictions as well. However, the player must have to be careful about one thing, and that is to not fall into the red blocks anywhere during the race.

Whenever you will come into contact with a red block or fall on it, your car will blow up in an instant.



There is a two-player mode in Bouncy Motors, as well as a single-player gameplay mode. However, there is no offline or online multiplayer mode available in this web browser HTML5 physics game.