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Bounce and

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: Voodoo

Bounce and is a 3D arcade puzzle web game that has exciting and challenging gameplay that will glue the players to their seats for hours.


  • Click and hold left-click to move the cup
  • Continuously left-click in the center to generate balls

Game Description

Bounce and is a 3D arcade puzzle web game that has exciting and challenging gameplay that will glue the players to their seats for hours. So, in this io web browser arcade game, the player has to drop and collect foam balls on a pinball-style board.

The objective, however, is to generate as many balls as you can while collecting them all in a glass. The player must do this by choosing the correct falling path which has the highest number to generate the balls.

Did not get the idea? Well, no worries! Let us take you through the entirety of Bounce and and teach you the method of winning in this exciting web browser arcade puzzle.


How to Play Bounce and


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Each round of this web browser puzzle game brings a new challenging board to win. To score XP points, level up, and win continuedly, you just need to carefully choose the path from where your balls will fall directly into the cup below.

On the board, there will be several ways leading to the glass cup below where the balls will be collected. Try your best to make all the balls falls through those paths where there are green and yellow markers, both of which offer a certain number of extra boosts.

The best way is to choose the entirety of the path which offers the highest number of boosts throughout, defined by the mark of x followed by the number of boosts. For example, if you choose a green path downwards that offers, say, x2 and x4 throughout the fall, you will be able to generate the maximum balls going this way.

However, keep in mind to avoid red areas which will have the (–) symbol followed by the number of times it will bust your balls while they are going downwards. Each round has a certain number of balls you must collect to pass through.

If anyhow you ended up in the red area, your balls will be decreased and you will end up losing that round. As you continue to win two sets of rounds in each level, your XP and level will also increase with it.


Playing Environment

Bounce and offer a top-down view with in-game screen dimensions of 800×600. This provides a great gameplay view in full-screen mode. This game also does not pack up too many options so the player will enjoy a fully in-distractable gameplay experience.

You just simply click on play and the round starts. Oh! One thing more – the game is also intuitive so when you start fresh, you will be automatically trained in the first round on how to move your cup to both sides and where to click to generate balls.



The graphics of this web browser game is very simple, despite having a 3D architecture. The color patterns are also minimal since this keeps everything as simple as possible graphically.

However, the graphics flow is indeed smooth and sleek, as well as it is quite eye-friendlier too. The player will not feel any strain due to the graphical interface of the game.



As of now, there are no customizations available in the game. However, the developers openly stated in the game that there will be an in-game store for purchases soon in the future. The players can see this announcement by clicking on the glass shown on the right side of the in-game screen.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons or health restrictions in this web browser puzzle arcade.



Bounce and is a solo one-player web game where the player will face computer-generated puzzle challenges.