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Release date: Jan, 2022 Publisher:

Blooming is a fun and exciting io farming board-style game where the player must keep their plants/flowers from overgrowing on the board.


  • Left Mouse Button = Pick up flower/Plant

Game Description

Blooming is a fun and exciting io grow board game. This io farming web browser game, while may look like a simple farming game, yet has quite an exciting and challenging board game type format.

In Blooming, the player needs to properly align five plants/flowers in the same line to make them disappear from the board. While you will be at it, new plants and flowers will continue to spring up on the board. Your goal is to stop your board from overfilling. Once it is overfilled, the game will be over.

So, are you ready for this unique type of web browser puzzle board game? Learn how to play the game and try out your luck with Blooming


How to Play Blooming


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points and level up, you need to successfully keep your board from overfilling with flowers and plants. To achieve this goal, you need to align five flowers/plants strategically on the board to make them disappear from it.

Each time you successfully eliminate five flowers/plants of the same species, you will score five XP points. To win the round and level up your game, you need to keep cleaning plants/flowers of the same species until there is no one left to plant on board.

However, make sure to align your plants/flowers in a lane that is completely clear and devoid of any other plants/flowers, or your alignment will not be cleared from the board.


Playing Environment

This io web browser farming game offers a top-down view. The in-game screen is also quite focused with little to no distractions at all. The only thing you will see on the far-left side of the board is the upcoming flower/plant and your scoreboard is on the far-right side of the screen.



The game has good 3D graphics with a classical MS-Dos touch. This sure makes up for a beautiful graphical interface, especially for all those who have played in the early days of PCs. Blooming also uses a strikingly beautiful color pattern as well which adds more quality to its overall graphical ability.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons or health requirements in this io web browser growing game.



There are also no customizations available since this is a strategic farming board game (there should be some customizations, though).



This web browser game is a solo title with no multiplayer mode. The player will be solo playing against the AI-controlled computer.