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Release date: May, 2018 Publisher: Karate Fox Studios

BlockTank is one of those simple yet exciting battle-tank web browser games that are fun and easy to play. Join in this 2D fast-paced tank battle action in a death match between you and other players in the game. Play in four different game modes that are filled with exciting gameplay challenges and battles. Collect weapons, choose your tank, and destroy your enemy teams by being tactical and precise in your shoot-to-kill.


  • Use W.A.S.D keys to move your tank around
  • Press either Q or E keys or the mouse scroller to switch between different weapons
  • Press Tab to disclose all the playing teams
  • Press the Shift key to reveal main menu

How to Play BlockTanks

Earning XP

To increase your score and earn XP in this free online web browser game, a player needs to shoot down as many enemy tanks as there are. The more kills a player makes, the more score they will gain.

Players must also save themselves from the bombardment of enemy tanks surrounding them: take cover behind walls and be a sharpshooter with quick reflexes. In the end, be the last tank standing to win!

Playing Environment

BlockTanks io has a maze-like 2D architecture in which all the tanks battle it out to be the sole survivor among all. The game has a quick overall FPS speed, so the player had to be quick and precise in their movements.


Graphics have been kept at a very simple level in BlockTanks. This is most probably because of not taking up too many resources of the player’s hardware, which often proves to be a good point. The player will see a fully white background on a maze-like 2D structure that has a gradient color of light red and blue. That is simply it – making BlockTank very light on resources!

Weapons & Health

In this free io web browser game, a player starts with a basic tank shooter. But as the player progresses, there are various kinds of weapons laid bare for the player to collect in the map area.

Some of the weapons that can be picked up by the player are grenades, shotguns, rockets, bottle bombs, snipers, flashbangs, and many others. The great thing about these weapons is that they are stackable, which means you do not need to let one loose to get a new one. Plus, when you kill an enemy tank, they will drop all the weapons they possess for you to pick.

Your health is very precious in this game. The player must have to shoot all other tanks precisely while keeping him/herself away from even a single shoot. If you are being hit even once, you are surely destroyed!


BlockTanks is one of those free io web games which offers numerous cosmetics for the character or main items. To see and avail customization items, as well as save progress, a player needs to create an account on the platform.

Some of the cosmetics you can use to personalize your tanks are stickers or decals, among others. Players can also use their official account to give feedback on features of the game on BlockTank’s official discord server.

Multiplayer – Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, or Capture the Flag?

BlockTank is just the most stupendous free online game that offers a variety of multiplayer modes. Some of these are especially the ones in which you can team up with your friends and have competition with other teams on the web.

These are Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Battle Royale. All of these have exciting challenges and goals to accomplish, and the win is worth it in the end. Apart from playing with friends, players can also play a Free for All battle match where the player will be up against players from around the world.



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