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Release date: Dec, 2020 Publisher: End Game Studios

Betrayal, as the name suggests, is a social deduction strategy free web browser game that involves 12 players participating in tasks. Each player is responsible for finishing up their tasks (like a ship crew), and one among them is the culprit who disrupts the entire harmony and plots against all other players. A player can choose between being a betrayer or a crewmate. In a limited time, crewmates must finish their tasks to find out who is the imposter hindering the social harmony before the betrayer succeeds and finally kills everyone off. The game has an abundance of trickeries involved to make it more exciting and confusing as the player progresses. Let us find out more about this amazing social strategy online io game!


  • Use W.A.S.D keys to move around
  • Press the spacebar or E keys to interact with others
  • Press the M key to open the map details
  • Press ESC to close open interfaces

How to Play Betrayal

Earning XP

There is more of a solution where everyone benefits in Betrayal, rather than obtaining XP. Up to 12 players can play the game, with each one having to choose from four different tasks.

The goal of progression is simple enough: If you are a betrayer, disrupt the social harmony and get every other crew member killed before you are being caught and voted out of the game.

If you are a crewmate, you need to do the tasks in your responsibility, while keeping yourself safe from the betrayer and having them caught in the action.

Playing Environment

The game sports a little town area where all the 12 players are let loose. They carry out different tasks while roaming several sections of the map. There are both day and night activities involved in the Betrayal.

The player will see houses, workplaces, activity areas, streets, and almost everything the little town has to offer. As the game progresses and near the end, the areas will get more and more concentrated.


This free online io game is built in the Unity engine, one of the best graphics engines around for game development. That is why a player will see a smooth 3D environment and characters with a striking and colorful appeal.

Depending on their preferences and hardware quality, players can also choose between a ‘High’ and ‘Low’ graphics mode. The overall graphical interface is made in a way that will make the player’s experience a good one.

Weapons & Health

Betrayal is a social strategy genre which means there is no battle or fight scene here. Therefore, no issues of health or need for a weapon in this free io game. The only thing which the player needs to be careful about is; that if they are crewmates they need to avoid being killed by the betrayer, finish their task, and locate the culprit before he/she gets them.

If the player is the betrayer, they must strategize their schemes in such a way to avoid being detected while fully disrupting the social harmony between all crewmates in the game, as well as killing each one as the game progresses.


This online web game offers a variety of cosmetics for character customizations. Players can customize hairstyles, clothes, and other characteristic attributes. There are even pets available as well, but you need to purchase them.

Multiplayer – Private Rooms & Public

Players have the option to play privately with friends or play in a public mode online. The game, from the onset, offers two playing modes: default and ‘Hide & Seek.’ The default mode is the basic gameplay where there is a battle between good and evil, as described above.

On the other hand, ‘Hide & Seek’ is an adventuristic mode where a player will either be a crewmate or betrayer, and he/she will get hunted by the other guy. And here is the jackpot: there is a monster in this mode as well who will try to hunt you down, with the betrayer, if you are playing as a crewmate.


Here are some of the cool features of Betrayal:

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the best tips for you to progress in Betrayal:

  1. Always try to be as attentive and friendly to crewmates. When you are playing as a betrayer, this kind of behavior keeps the detection ratio lower.
  2. Plan your evil intentions mostly at nighttime when most of the crewmates are less responsive.
  3. Always be present during table-talk sessions. Not doing so will make you highly suspected.
  4. If you are made a Shariff or playing as a crewmate, make sure that no other crewmate dies because of your actions (even unknowingly). You will die with them as a result and disqualify them from the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betrayal available across all devices?
Yes! Betrayal is available on web browsers, Android, and iOS.

Is Betrayal free to play completely?
It is a free web browser game to play either in public mode or privately with friends. However, for some customizations, tools, or other things, there are in-app purchases required.