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Beach Run

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: PuzzleGame.Com

Beach Run is a fantastic web browser arcade running game where you shoot to kill, collect points, and get allies to fight by your side.


  • Left-click and hold to shoot and run

Game Description

Beach Run is a fantastic web browser arcade running game where you shoot to kill, collect points, and get allies to fight by your side. The game is set on a beautiful beach where you start as a lone shooter against several types of enemies and obstacles to conquer a sandcastle at every level.

The goal is simply to reach and conquer a sandcastle on a beach at every level of the game. This sandcastle belongs to an enemy boss from which you need to conquer it. And this is not as simple as it sounds, since all along the way are different obstacles (and prizes) that the player has to encounter to reach their destination.

Do you think you can surf, enjoy, and fight enemies on a beach easily? Well, there is only one way to find out – let us play Beach Run right away! But before you do so, how about getting to know a bit about the game’s dynamics and how you can win in it, right?


How to Play Beach Run


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this web browser casual arcade shooting game, you need to shoot obstacles in front of you, as well as shoot on prizes and ally cans, to get in-game gold coins and allies to fight alongside you.

You must also be careful about colliding with any hard obstacle along the way as it can either eliminate you or your fighters upon collision. As you continue to conquer sandcastles and kill enemies/bosses, your in-game level will also increase, and with it the difficulty as well.


Playing Environment

Like most modern HTML5 web browser games, Beach Run also offers quick and no-nonsense gameplay dynamics. From the main screen of this game, players can access every part and function of the game right away.

There is a big “Start” button in the middle to hop into the game right away; two ability upgrade buttons just underneath the start option where one increases the speed and the other shooting power. Apart from these, there are two small options for sound muting and skin customization.

As for some technical gameplay information, this online io shooting action game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 760×1334. Additionally, this game has a strict portrait screen orientation which is good news for mobile gamers.



Beach Run offers some excellent and crispy 3D graphics for the players of this game. Additionally, bright and sparkling color patterns used in the game provide a beautiful complement to the overall graphical interface of the game.

Also, the diverse colors used in the game are quite retina-friendly and are visually appealing to the eyes of the players. So, play as long as you like without any fear of having a strained eye!



The only customization offered in this online io arcade shooting game is different types of skins that the player can have for their character. These are both male and female characters, as well as skin types for both, are available in the Beach Run.


Weapons & Health

There is only one weapon available to the players – a gun! However, to make up for the lack of weaponry options, the developers of this game have supplied allies to the protagonist. So, when you are running towards the sandcastle and among the obstacles, you will spot cans on which allies are standing with guns of their own.

All you need to do is to shoot the number represented on the cans to unlock them by your side. As for health, there are no restrictions in the form of health bars. However, players must be careful to avoid getting struck by any obstacle in the way as it will kill their character at once.



There is no offline or online multiplayer mode available in Beach Run. But, again, to cover up for this lack, you have allies by your side to fight which you can unlock as mentioned in the above chapters. So, it sort of becomes a multiplayer web browser shooting game.

And now that you have learned all that is needed to know about this exciting game, let us begin playing!