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Release date: Nov, 2020 Publisher: Šarūnas Visockas

In this diverse battle royale genre game, players have multiple methods to earn XPs, and therefore, the multiple rewards associated with them.


  • Use W.A.S.D keys to move around the maps
  • Use left click on the mouse to shoot
  • Press the R key to reload your ammunition
  • Use the E key to enter vehicles
  • Use mouse scroll-wheel or NUM 1-4 keys to switch between different weapons
  • Press Tab or M buttons to view a wider map area

How to Play BattleDudes 2D

Earning XP

In this diverse battle royale genre game, players have multiple methods to earn XPs, and therefore, the multiple rewards associated with them. One of the best qualities of this game is that everyone starts on an equal level when playing for the first time.

To build a reputation and increase their levels, a player must create a profile and log in to the game. Afterward, you will have to use different weapons and vehicles to hunt down all other opponents on the map.

As you kill more and stand up till the last, you will earn XP, and your level increases as each round pass. The more you last long and level up, the more rewards and perks will come along your way.

Playing Environment

You will have an aerial view over a neatly designed 2D battleground. Being one of the diverse free io web browser games online, BattleDudes 2D offers many map areas and gaming modes to the player.

However, all have them will have an aerial-view battle royale experience on soft and smooth battlegrounds of different kinds.


As mentioned above, BattleDudes 2D offers a 2-Dimensional graphical interface. The elements, including the player’s vehicles/weapons and everything else, are designed in soft and sleek-edged graphical dynamics.

This will make up for a great viewing experience for the players because it will not burden your eyes and will have a gentle graphical sensation, something that is very helpful in long-form gaming.

Weapons & Health

There are almost 20 different weapons to choose from in BattleDudes 2D – a great perk few io battle royale games offer freely! All these weapons have different attributes and use to them. So, it is up to the player’s discretion as to what kind of weapon is best for them.

But to give the player a vague idea, some weapons are good for inflicting damage, bullet speed, or rate of fire. While some weapons are good for accuracy, damage repair, blasting hurdles, etc., a player can decide which one they like among this heap.

Along with weapons, a player can also choose from a variety of vehicles, such as the jeep or tank, for traversing the map area safely and rapidly. Players can also stack up more than one weapon and can switch between them to destroy opponents.

You will have a limited health scale, and you will have to do all you can to shoot others before they bombard you down with multiple and continuous shootings. As the player destroys and moves on the map, there are can be found hidden perks and rewards which will level up protection and increases the player’s health.


Like other diversifications this free online web browser game has to offer, players can also enjoy a wide array of customization options.

Some of them can be obtained via leveling up and increasing XP. Some can be found as hidden rewards. And some customization items can be obtained via purchasing from gold or gem currency in-app.

Multiplayer – Communicate Using Emojis with Your Team

BattleDudes 2D offers a multiplayer mode, as well as private gaming and party modes, where a player has the option to communicate with his/her team members using emojis. Some are freely available by default, but some special kinds of emojis can be obtained if you have fully played BattleDudes missions to the core and is a loyal gamer, as an elite status perk.


BattleDudes 2D has an abundance of features that every serious gamer, especially a battle royale genre lover, will love. Here are some of the most astounding ones:

Tips & Tricks for BattleDudes 2D

Here are some of the best strategies and tricks that will help you gain the upper hand in this free io battle royale web browser game:


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