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Battboy Adventure 2

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: MathNook

Battboy Adventure 2 is a fun-filled action arcade game where your goal is to survive the onslaughts of many obstacles and enemies in your way.


  • Use WAD to move around
  • Use J to shoot 
  • Use K to throw the rope

Game Description

Battboy Adventure 2 is a fun-filled action arcade game where your goal is to survive the onslaughts of many obstacles and enemies in your way. Fly like Batman, only that you will be a child bat prodigy. Jump over obstacles and hit your enemies with your bat boomerang to eliminate them.

So, the objective here is to counter the enemies/obstacles in your way and collect stars (that are XPs) and reach the end of each level. It is that simple! However, along the way, you can do a lot of Batman acrobatics to make your way toward your goal.

Therefore, let us not waste a moment further and get ready to become the Battboy of your city!


How to Play Battboy Adventure 2


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this online adventure arcade game, you need to collect the stars scattered in different places throughout each level. And not only that but you also must overcome the obstacles and reach the end of each round.

And as you successfully surpass each stage, you are in-game level will also increase with it, as well as a variety of in-game obstacles will get stronger, too.


Playing Environment

This HTML5 arcade adventure game offers a third-person view on an in-game dimension of 1280×720, and the screen orientation is in landscape mode. The only downfall of Battboy Adventure 2 is that it is not yet supported on mobile devices, so mobile gamers would not be able to play this game.

The game’s main menu is quite minimal as well: simply click on “Play Game” to start the game and or the “Credits” option to know about the developers of this web browser arcade adventure game.



Battboy Adventure 2 offers some of the most beautiful and neatly-designed 2D graphical interfaces that you can find in the io web browser gaming genre. All the in-game elements are designed with smooth edges and sleekness.

Plus, the graphics and color schemes are quite retina-friendly and easier on the player’s eyes.



Customizations are not available in Battboy Adventure 2, at the time of writing this description.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons in this online arcade adventure except a boomerang which the Battboy will have in stock by default. Other than that, there are no weapons in this HTML5 game.

As for health, the player will have three lives. If you fall three times at the hands of an obstacle or by an enemy, you will lose the round. However, the player can get extra lives as well by watching sponsored videos.



Battboy Adventure 2 is a solo one-player online io web browser HTML5 game and does not offer a multiplayer mode. There are up to 8 different levels in-game which the player must conquer playing solo.