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Battalion Commander

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: IriySoft

Battalion Commander is one of the finest arcade shooting games where you will take on the enemy on a variety of battlefields. The motherland needs you and it is the right to defend her honor!


  • The squad follows your mouse/finger. Click or tap the skill button to activate skill.

Game Description

Battalion Commander is one of the finest arcade shooting games where you will take on the enemy on a variety of battlefields. The motherland needs you and it is the right to defend her honor!

So, this web browser io arcade shooting game offers a lot to enjoy. You will start as a soldier, single-handedly taking on the incoming enemies. However, as you kill enemy soldiers and continue your infiltration to the main enemy base, you will collect gold coins and gems as well as more and more brother-in-arms will join you along the way.

And oh, there are level upgrades to be obtained freely in this arcade shooter game, as well as special perks/power-ups, too. Therefore, without further ado, let us learn how we can play Battalion Commander and its features in detail.


How to Play Battalion Commander


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this exciting battle arcade web browser game, you simply need to eliminate the enemy soldiers. Whenever a solder dies, there will be a gold coin and gem to collect. The gold coins are XP points and the gems are to unlock an upgrade – after collecting a certain amount.

As you make kills and make your infantry grow, your level also increases with it. This action shooting game is also mission-based, so you need to complete the assigned missions in each round to up your rankings.


Playing Environment

This arcade web browser shooting game offers a top-down view. The in-game dimensions are 654×872 which presents a long portrait type of display, ideal for playing on smartphones.

The in-game screen also has minimal distractions so the player can easily focus on the game. You will only see a power-up (you will collect while playing), you and your ally’s health bar, and a level bar that tells your distinction in the game.



Battalion Commander offers a seamless 2D graphical interface that runs smoothly in this side-scroller io game.

The color patterns used in the game give a Symbian-style graphical feel that the player will love and cherish. Overall, graphically speaking, the game is a top-notch io web browser title.



There are several customizations available in this io action shooting web game. However, all of them must be unlocked as you rank higher in the game by completing assigned missions and earning XP.

Some of the customizations pertain to power-ups, such as new guns, grenades, and other types of boosters. And some customizations pertain to the player’s characteristic attributes, such as dressing, defensive gear, hats, colors, etc.

The only thing is that all the customizations must be earned via leveling up in the game, which, of course, depends on how well you play.


Weapons & Health

There is a considerable number of weapons available via leveling-up in Battalion Commander The player starts with basic pistols. As the player progresses and earns gems/gold coins, there are such weapons available to be unlocked like a bazooka, double AK-47, machine gun, bombs, firecrackers, etc.

The player also must look out for the health bar on the top left side of the in-game screen. Try to save yourself from the incoming enemy fire and keep an eye on your health bar.



This web browser action arcade shooting game is a solo one-player io title. The player will be combating the computer-controlled enemy, but since they come in heaps of infantry, you will not be feeling even a single second of boring gameplay. It will, in the end, looks much like a multiplayer io warfare shooting game.