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Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: SUN.STUDIO

Basketball is a fun and easy online io sports game where you simply need to put the ball into the basket by aiming and dragging it with the mouse.


  • Left-click to select and throw the ball

Game Description

Basketball is a fun and easy online io sports game where you simply need to put the ball into the basket by aiming and dragging it with the mouse. The game has smooth 3D graphics and employs a direct-to-play approach without having too many distractions in the form of options.

So, as we have mentioned, the game aims to put the ball into the basket, but that will not always be as easy as in the first rounds. As the players continue to progress by scoring baskets, the game will also increase in difficulty, making it harder to score baskets for the players in one go.

Therefore, this is a web browser basketball game that every basketball fan will love to play and enjoy. Let us then get down to tutorial and learn how to play Basketball and win in this game.


How to Play Basketball


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The game will reward its players based on the tally of their scores. There are no XP-point dynamics in this web browser sports game. The players are required to keep scoring baskets as long as they can, getting the highest possible score.

But beware! The more progress you make, the more in-game difficulty will continue to increase and scoring baskets will become an exciting challenge for the players.


Playing Environment

The game follows a very minimalistic approach when it comes to gameplay options. Right on the game’s main page, players will see a settings option, an in-game shop, and a play button.

Apart from these options, this web browser 3D basketball game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720. Additionally, this game has a landscape screen orientation and is also supported on mobile phones.



Basketball offers a smooth 3D graphical interface with crispy PNG-style bright color patterns. Additionally, this online IO sports game’s graphics are visual-friendly and quite adaptable to both desktop and mobile displays.



The in-game shop in this game allows a few customizations for the ball in this game. And the good news is that those customizations do not need to be unlocked by purchasing them, the players only have to watch a sponsored ad to unlock a customized ball.

However, only random customization will be unlocked at a given time.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this online HTML5 3D basketball game. Also, there are no health restrictions of any kind, but yes one note here for the players: If you miss the basket the first time you will be given a one-time free chance to resume.

However, if another mistake happens, you can then redeem yourself by watching a sponsored ad in under 20 seconds, or else you will lose and must begin from scratch.



There is no multiplayer mode in Basketball, either online or offline. This is a solo single-player web browser 3D sports game where the players can play all levels solely without having to worry about any competition from another player.