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Release date: Nov, 2020 Publisher: IgnasRCom

Astro Dud is one of the most exciting and ultimate obstacle-survival free online games. The player will be competing among the hundreds of other online players from around the world to complete various obstacle courses, without falling to their deaths. The obstacle courses are quite tricky and exciting to cross over. If you have the dare and courage to keep your “Astro dud” afloat high in the skies, over the difficult courses, and be the last man to see the edge – you will win!


Astro Dud uses a combination of classic and modern controls to play the game. Here is how you can play with your astronaut in Astro Dud:

  • W.A.S.D keys to move your astronaut on the course
  • Press E to push other players coming in your way
  • Press the spacebar to jump over the obstacles
  • Use the mouse to look around the course

How to Play Astro Dud

Earning XP

To obtain XP and increase your aura in this free online web browser game, you will have several challenging courses to choose from. Select anyone you like and beat the other players to be the last astronaut to go through the course.

As you finish each challenge and beat all other competitors, you will gain XP and several rewards for how fast and precise you went ahead of all others – without being disqualified.

Playing Environment

The courses are 3D-designed with boxes over which all the competing players must cross and run, without being tricked by any obstacle and falling to their death. The different sets of courses are fixed high in the skies and have a colorful appearance to them.

The player will start from a flat platform and must run over safely from these tricky boxes to reach the other end. Every element, including the astronauts, are designed in a smooth-edged 3D structure, which gives Astro Dud a great visual appearance.


Graphics, as mentioned above, are made in a quite smooth and retina-friendly way. There are no eye-hurting sharp and protruding graphics used in this web browser io game.

This will make up for a great gaming session that will not stress the eyes and the brain nerves of the player, helping them to fully immerse, enjoy, and play this free online web game with full focus.

Weapons & Health

Astro Dud is unique in a way that it offers only one weapon for the player – to push other players aside while saving yourself from falling down the course. This is done by pressing the E key whenever a player wants to dodge others in the way.

The health issue is also not a concern since all the player needs to do is to save themselves from tripping over and falling from the course. Except for that drawback, there is no danger to the player’s health. The player must also save themselves from being dodged by other players, as they inflict the same strategy on other competitors.


There are plenty of customization options that Astro Dud offers to a player – over 150 different customization options. A player can both buy and crack-open chests in the game. The crack-open chests of customization are sometimes rewarded freely due to highly skilled gameplay.

Players can customize the trails, skins, backpacks, and hats of their astronauts via customization chests. You must create an account to access these extra customization features in this free game.

Multiplayer – Create Private Parties/Challenges with Friends

Astro Dud offers both public and private gameplay. Players can either compete in challenges with players from around the globe or create a private game with friends. Explore a variety of fun-filled and exciting challenges to play in both public and private gameplay modes.


Here are some of the great features that this free io web browser game has to offer:

Astro Dud Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Here are some of the best tricks and tips to get the most out of your astronaut in Astro Dud:

  1. Be fast and concise! Use the dodging feature to get past others rapidly
  2. Try to avoid question mark (?) boxes as most as you can
  3. Always gauge and pick the fastest way to reach the other end

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astro Dud completely free to play?

Yes! Astro Dud is completely free to play. However, there are in-app purchases available for greater customization and bigger rewards.

Is Astro Dud available on all platforms?

No! Astro Dud is currently available only on a web browser.


Video Walkthrough: