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Archer Master

Release date: Nov, 2022 Publisher: Meyagames

Archer Master is a simple web browser archery shooting game where you will take aim and shoot arrows at a lot of different objects.


  • Aim with left-click and release to shoot the arrow!

Game Description

Archer Master is a simple web browser archery shooting game where you will take aim and shoot arrows at a lot of different objects. This game is ideal for those who love archery as a sport and can improvise their skills in this game.

The goal is quite simple: Hit the slabs in the middle with your arrows – a bull’s eye! As you progress ahead from the first level, you will exceedingly find difficult and puzzling archery experiences. But to win a round, you must be able to hit all the slabs down.

So, is this not some good archery fun? Let us learn more about Archer Master and the essentials of this web browser arcade shooting game.


How to Play Archer Master


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to shoot the slabs down with your arrows. There are also different points on hitting different spots. For example, if you hit the bull’s eye, you will get a higher score. If you hit the slab on its corners, you will get lower scores. Nonetheless, you will still pass if the slabs were shot down.

Your level also increases as you win each round and move on to the next one, as well as the playing difficulty with it. There are up to 50 levels of gameplay in this io archery shooting game for you to enjoy.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade archery shooting game has very simple gameplay dynamics. The game offers a first-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 900×506, on a landscape screen orientation as well.

The main menu offers a play and a sound on/off button, simply. However, there is a minute customization menu and level-selection menu which is simple to go by quickly.

However, there is one downfall – Archer Master is not available to play on a mobile web browser – sorry!



Sharp and crisp 3D graphics with some bright colorful patterns are what await your eyes when you play this online archery shooting game. Additionally, there are some good in-game elements like Japanese houses, hills, grasslands, and animated slabs in some rounds.

Overall, the graphics of this online arcade archery shooting game is one of the best qualities found in the io web browser gaming genre. You need to start playing Archer Master yourself to experience its graphical enhancement.



Customizations are simple and minimal, but they are still available in this io sports web game. When you will click on the play icon from the game’s main page, you will directly be taken to the game’s upgrade shop. You can upgrade to three types of bows available in this game, and they had to be purchased via in-game coins you earn.


Weapons & Health

There is only one weapon available in Archer Master, and which you are already holding; your bow and arrows. You can get three different types of them for sure but that is all to it.

As for health, there are no health restrictions present in this web browser archer sports game. You will only fail a round if you cannot be able to hit all the slabs within the given arrows.



Archer Master io is a solo one-player web browser archery game, at least as of now. It would be a huge plus if the developers of this game enable a multiplayer feature in this game in the future as that will dramatically enhance this arcade shooting game’s appeal.