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Animal Run

Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: Xenolia

Animal Run io is an online web browser HTML5 racing game that is like subway surfer, but only that you will be playing as an animal.


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press space bar to jump
  • Use on-screen controls on mobile

Game Description

Animal Run io is an online web browser HTML5 racing game that is like subway surfer, but only that you will be playing as an animal. By default, the player will run with a cow and must reach the finishing line of the track by avoiding obstacles along the way.

There are up to six different animals whose forms the player can take up in the game. However, new animals can be unlocked via in-game gold coins you will earn by collecting in-game gold. So, the goal is simple: reach the end of the finishing line of each track to win and collect the gold coins as you run along. That’s it!

However, as simple as the objective sounds, it will be the in-game obstacles and your physics that will affect the outcome of each race. You need to race wisely to overcome all the obstacles to reach the finishing line.

So, let us begin the animal race and beat the subway surfers with your animal avatar!


How to Play Animal Run


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The XP points in this online racing game will come by collecting in-game gold coins and can be doubled-up by winning the race or watching a sponsored video. If you collect 300 or more coins, you can change your animal to another four-legged one as well.

You’re in-game level will also increase as you win races and move on to new rounds. Of course, with each new level, come novel types of obstacles in your path.


Playing Environment

This web browser HTML5 racing game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen resolution of 800×600. The game also features landscape screen orientation which is great for full-screen wide view.

Plus, Animal Run is also a mobile-ready game, and you can play it on any up-to-date mobile web browser. The game’s main menu is also a simple one. You can either go into settings to turn in-game sound and music on/off or simply click on the screen to play.



Animal Run offers sharp and crispy 3D graphical architecture, also with sharp color patterns and contrasts. The gameplay graphical interface will provide a modern HTML5 game outlook but with an edgy style.

However, we prefer that a web browser racing game involving animals should have soft and sleek PNG-style graphical architecture, as that is more suitable for a game like this.



Customizations are not available in this online animal racing HTML5 game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this io online animal racing game. Also, there is no health restriction in this game. However, the player must be careful about the obstacles in the way since a single collision with any will take down your animal.



Animal Run does not offer a multiplayer feature as of now. The player will be playing solo and racing their way to the top in this web browser arcade racing game.