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Release date: Sep, 2014 Publisher: Paradoks Studio is an online cross-platform multiplayer online battle arena game that is one of the finest 3D battles royale io titles in the industry.


  • Right-click to move
  • AZERTY/QWERTY to use an item
  • Arrow keys to move the camera
  • C to lock the camera
  • Space bar to focus camera

Game Description: is an online cross-platform multiplayer online battle arena game that is one of the finest 3D battles royale io titles in the industry. In this free online MOBA web browser game, the player will battle against different teams headed by different kinds of foes.

The player will be able to select one among several heroes present in this web game, and then set out to mine resources and gather food to make himself and his followers stronger. There are tons of equipment, food, and other resources scattered across the medieval grasslands for you to pick from.

Equip yourself, and you will be up against other teams of enemies on the battlegrounds. Only one will emerge victorious above all and will rule the entire land.

So, do you have what it takes to conquer territories and leave a legend behind yourself as one of the greatest warriors ever in Let’s learn how to play now!


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up -:

In this io multiplayer online battle arena web browser game, there are two types of teams only – one of yours and the other of the enemy. The main goal is to destroy the opposite team’s base and move on to the next one.

After every 45 seconds, a new player will spawn into yours’s and the enemy’s team. Every time you kill an enemy soldier, you gain an XP point and a gold coin. These XP points will help increase your overall in-game level, while gold will help you buy upgrades from the in-game store.


Playing Environment -:

The game offers a top-down or aerial view perspective. The main menu screen, as well as the in-game screen, are very much intuitive. Since there are lots of players and lots of action going on, the player can find ample guiding legends on the in-game screen.

For example, there is a weapon’s vault, a logged-in players list, guidelines about the round, a chat window, an in-game setting menu, and other options as well. Yes, expect the in-game screen to be cluttered because of the game’s highly featuresome dynamics and MMO gameplay.


Graphics -:

This free io MOBA web browser offers one of the finest 3D graphical interfaces in the io gaming industry. Termed the world’s #-1 MOBA game with exquisite graphics, there’s no falsification in this statement.

The in-game GUI also offers a diverse range of colors and 3D-designed elements. And most noticeable in all of this – the graphics are eye-friendly. Additionally, the players can change the graphical settings as well to suit the resources of their devices or monitors, in case of an error in the FPS of the game.


Customizations -:

There are lots of customizable items and cosmetics to obtain in this exciting battle royale game. However, the player needs to create an account to avail all the features of the game, including customizations.

But there are free customizations as well, such as gathering scattered weapons, cosmetic items, and power-ups. We recommend that players create an account to play to avail all the features and customizations.


Weapons & Health -:

Weapons are all player-specific in this MOBA battle royale web game. There are a total of 12 heroes in the game, of whom 6 are available right now. The additional 6 will be unveiled soon. Al the heroes have three major attributes: Strength, Agility, and intelligence.

Whichever hero you will choose, you will get weapons under the attribute in which that hero falls. For example, if you choose Raxxor, his main attribute is strength. So, he will have all the weapons which will defend the team and inflict destruction on the opponents.

But suppose you choose Carnac, another of the heroes in the game, whose main attribute is intelligence, he will be able to provide a solid defense to the team and inflict strategic damage to the opponent’s team, as opposed to a sudden and fierce onslaught.

The health bar is shown right alongside the player, and he/she must pay heed to it. Sometimes, an attack not so strong can be withstandable, but a powerful attack from a powerful enemy may instantly demolish your character in-game.


Multiplayer Modes -:

The game is a fully-multiplayer title. The player can play both publicly online with teams from across the world, as well as with friends online by creating a private. Since the game is also a fully cross-platformer, players from any device can join and play the game.


Tips and Tricks -:

Here are some of the best tricks and tips which will help the player get the most out of this io MOBA battle royale game:


And finally, some of the best features which offers to its players:


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