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3310 Games

Release date: Oct, 2021 Publisher: crazyschoolgames

Here comes the 3310 Games โ€“ your most beloved games from the very first superhit mobile โ€“ Nokia 3310.


  • Use left-click on the mouse to play and navigate in-game

Game Description

Here comes the 3310 Games โ€“ your most beloved games from the very first superhit mobile โ€“ Nokia 3310. Now you can play all those games, in the same 3310 graphical interface and on the same mobile, right inside your desktop/smartphone web browsers.

All the famous games from Nokia 3310 mobile are there, such as classic snake game, car racing, and the space shooter. Plus, you can even explore the 3310 wallpapers and their famous ringtones that are also available in the in-game mobile menu.

Get ready to experience the nostalgia of the very first mobile phone in your life โ€“ get ready to play the Nokia 3310 games again in the classic Nokia mobile itself. Let us start!


How to Play 3310 Games


Earning XP & Leveling Up

As most of you who might have owned a Nokia 3310 mobile must be familiar with the scoring pattern in those games. The way to score higher and win was simple in those times of J2ME (Java) games โ€“ accomplish the objective and win.

So, whether you will be playing a game of classic snakes, space shooter, or car racing, you must survive the obstacles, shoot down nemesis, and accomplish the objective to win. In some games, such as the classic snake, with which most of us are more familiar, you just need to survive the longest you can to be the highest scorer, and you will win.

On the other hand, Space Shooter will require you to shoot down enemy planes while keeping yourself safe. This will be a battle to kill certain enemy planes before you proceed to the next round. So, this is how you will earn XP and level up in this web browser retro arcade game.


Playing Environment

This io title is an exciting one in this regard: The player will have a top-down view of an actual Nokia 3310 mobile graphical replica and all the games/options will appear on the green-lighted screen of the mobile interface.

There is an option of โ€œplayโ€ visible at the bottom of the mobile screen and the player can simply click on the โ€œenterโ€ button that was used to be placed below the screen in 3310 mobile. Additionally, the entire 3310 mobile interface will serve as your in-game element from where you select options, navigate, and do all sorts of activities.



Graphics in the early days of modern mobile phones used to be Monochrome. It was immensely popularized by the success of the Nokia 3310 flagship mobile. So, you will be able to replay that same nostalgic feeling of monochromic graphics which was the height of mobile graphics in the year 2000.



You got to be kidding me! There was no concept of in-game customizations in the early days of modern mobile phones.


Weapons & Health

3310 Games have three classic Nokia games to offer, and all these three have different dynamics for health and weapons. In the classic snake game, there is no need for weapons at all or health restrictions. However, the only thing you need to be careful of is not to collide with either yourself or the box in which your snake moves.

In Space Shooter, you have three lives and you need to save yourself from the onslaught of enemy planes. And in the Car Racing game, there is again no weapons or health restriction involved. Just keep on driving and avoiding collisions with oncoming vehicles in your path and you are good to go.



No, sir! Multiplayer feature was not introduced in those days in mobile games, and this web browser arcade simulation game is true to its origin. You will play solely all three games in this replica of the famous Nokia 3310 mobile.