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Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: Simplicity Games

Is anyone out there a fan of io battle royale board games? Well, we bring you 2048 which is an exciting bombardment-style web browser game.


  • Use right-click to deploy weapons 

Game Description

Is anyone out there a fan of io battle royale board games? Well, we bring you 2048 which is an exciting bombardment-style web browser game. In this io puzzle battle game, the player will be defending his/her castle against incoming enemies.

The player will be able to defend the castle by placing guns on a puzzle board, which will attack the incoming enemies. This is a fast-paced web browser hyper casual game that the fans of fast-gameplay will love and like.

So, let us learn more about 2048 and how you can ace this game easily!


How to Play 2048


Earning XP & Leveling Up

From the first stage onwards, the player will be able to place their weapons on a simple board. Those weapons will be light in their attack and the enemy waves will be less dangerous.

As the weapons start to shoot incoming enemy waves, the player will obtain XP points on each kill. Since the game is fast-paced, the player will be able to earn XP scores quickly. Whenever you cross the 100 gems milestone, you can instantly upgrade the level of your projectiles attack, which will make the shooting more aggressive.

There is a set of 5 rounds in each level before the player levels up and unlocks new weapons and projectiles to kill enemies. It will just be a matter of minutes before you notice that you have reached the end of your level, gets a boost, and level your skills up.

The only objective of this cool battle board io game is to defend the castle.


Playing Environment

This io web browser puzzle arcade game offers a top-down view perspective. With minimal intrusions on the in-game screen, the player will be fully focused on his/her gameplay. The player will see the gem counts, power-ups, and a big “buy” button to instantly purchase and deploy more weapons on board (in-game XP gems will buy new weapons).



This game has a 3D graphical architecture with beautifully-designed color patterns which will give the player some exciting graphics vibes. The game has a dimension of 720×1280, which is a lot for a simple web browser game.

So, you are in for some exciting graphical display in 2048


Weapons & Health

The player will start with basic shooting guns at their disposal. However, as the player passes each level to a new one, they will get new weapons with a variety of different attacking abilities.

For example, there will be fire projectiles, random shooting projectiles, freezing projectiles, and several others to get in this io web browser puzzle shooter game.

There is no health issue involved here. The only thing player must ensure is to avoid any enemy wave to enter the castle.



This io shooting board game is a solo-player title. But, even without the involvement of any other player, the game is a load lots of fun to play solo. You will find out this by yourself when you hit the play button.